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  • Hey there dude, I know you were burned from Wugwan Breda changing to Melee only, but it seems like the GTA Brawl community is stepping up to the plate in order to deliver a Brawl tournament the same day in a venue that is a 10 minute drive from the Wugwan Breda venue.


    Just a heads up in case you were still interested ^^. Housing is still available available too, I'll be going from TO to Mississauga the Friday before the tournament at around 5:00 PM. If you're willing to stay the night at my parent's place, I'll be able to drive you... but I won't be able to drive you and whoever else to the tourney itself since I'll be going to Wugwan.

    Please post in the thread to let them know of your support!
    Yeah. Its weird because sometimes this connection is better than my old one, and sometimes its pretty much the same. But better overall. Good games I guess. I should've quit wifi though, it's messed up my timing again already. >_>
    I will eventually, but I was playing Tapion for like 2 hours so I dunno if I feel like playing. I might be on later tonight. XD
    understandable, but im at least quitting till the end of the year when i get to play in VA/MD.
    Online has made me better, and without it, I wouldnt be half of what I am today. But what online has taught me is difficult to apply online.
    I've focused on learning to predict my opponent (adopting a mindset similar to Ally's), but when playing online, even if I can predict my opponents sidesteps and rolls, the delay wont necessarily allow me to punish. It's those kinds of things that bother me, when I try innovative things that simply dont work because of the button delay, no matter how little is it.
    Going offline and trying to use the same timing for predicting sidesteps and using run by reverse grabs doesn't work. It's those kind of things I need to up my game, and they're nigh impossible online. >_>
    XD I quit online. I won a tourney on Saturday and since then I realized how much online hurts my offline game. Im going to VA in december and Im gonna attend one of Chus weeklys, so if I'm gonna play the best in the world, my offline game has to be natural and top notch. So I'm quitting to avoid making mistakes, because it takes me a long time to re-adjust to offline after playing online even for a few hours.

    Sorry. >_>
    I am playing you for round one of the super hot back to school tourney ran by Glyph. Please IM me Via AIM at Yourstillxwithme so we can this started. Thanks.
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