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Recent content by FartyParty

  1. FartyParty

    Opinions on Joker?

    A couple months ago I said Joker was in the upper part of high tier, but definitely not top tier. But more and more play has led me to the conclusion that he is undeniably a top 5 character in the game and probably top 3. He just doesn't have losing matchups. I barely play my secondaries anymore...
  2. FartyParty

    The Hero Discussion – To Ban or Not to Ban?

    I disagree with a ban b/c in my mind, Hero's RNG-ness is a downside. A major downside. It makes the character worse, not better. Consistency is the name of the game, and Hero doesn't have it.
  3. FartyParty

    Next DLC fighter announced!!

    You're never gonna believe it!!! Here's a link to the story: Next Smash Ultimate DLC Fighter Confirmed
  4. FartyParty


    Sounds like what you want to be increased is either SDI or LSI, rather than plain DI.
  5. FartyParty


    I don't know about increasing DI. I've seen plenty of players survive stuff that seemed like guaranteed kills purely through DI so it seems strong enough. But a very big yes to increased hitstun. 1 million times YES to this, which is inherently linked to the hit stun issue. The issue of a move...
  6. FartyParty

    King k rool vs bowser who do you think is better

    Bowser is superior. K. Rool relies on gimmicks that can be overcome with some simple, easy to execute counterplay. Bowser instead fits into the actual metagame really well with good mobility, some great aerials that can be thrown out safely, and one of the best out of shield options of any...
  7. FartyParty

    Does the Competitive Smash Ultimate Scene Need More Major Tournaments, Sponsors, etc.?

    People doing something they don't like because it pays the bills? Never heard of such a thing!!
  8. FartyParty

    Data This is how, when, and where Smash Pros kill

    Great work here! My main criticism is that "Everywhere Else" is too broad. Would be preferable to actually get a breakdown between grounded kills from center-stage and kills in the air from center stage. If not that, at least separate kills from platforms vs being on the main ground of the...
  9. FartyParty

    Content Creators You Don't Know - JoeK

    Man, you just can't seem to pick any content creators that I don't already follow!! JoeK is great!
  10. FartyParty

    No control over this game.

    This could be a sign of stick drift. You're pressing up (and likely slightly to one side rather than straight up), but the stick is drifting downward at the same time resulting in a side B input instead of up B. Or it could be that you are genuinely entering misinputs and think you're pushing up...
  11. FartyParty

    How many Sonic playable characters should we have?

    I feel like Tails shouldn't really be a clone at all. Tails should have a very different moveset and play style based around his flying ability. I would actually advocate for Tails getting the same float mechanic as Peach.
  12. FartyParty

    Underrated Characters In Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Ice Climbers are massively underrated b/c so few people main them, but they are absolutely high tier AF.
  13. FartyParty

    Q&A Quickplay and Battle Arena

    Online play invariably has more input lag than playing offline. Even if you're not experiencing noticeable network lag slowing down the game, there will always be additional input lag, whether you can tell it's there or not. It might only amount to 1 or 2 frames, which can be very hard to notice...
  14. FartyParty

    Q&A Quickplay and Battle Arena

    Odd character suggestions there. Lucina, Palutena, and Wolf are all easier to use and flat out superior characters to the ones you mention. To the OP directly, my first advice to you is to find a main. You need to learn one character in a lot of depth if you want to get good. If no one...
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