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  • Uh. I'm not sure, just call in to check I guess.

    Grr. That's k, I'll pick it up sometime when I have the chance.
    Alright, so i'm heading over to Brents now. Just stop by when you can, cause he's working at 4. Just give him a call or something if you need to. I'll bring your flash drive along.
    I'm taking off on thursday. heh. Can you smash tomorrow? Brent is free and so am I. I can get you your stuff then, and I can get my tv as well. =P
    He Zach, do you happen to have one of my tvs as well? It's small at it has a vcr attached at the bottom. I think Connor took it with him when you guys left ADAT2.
    Yeah I gave Scott a call but he never picks up so. :/

    I'll let you know as soon as I leave before I come.
    Oh ok. I'm waiting on matt to walk to my house and i'll head over after that. I don't know where Scott is :/
    Yeah I can probably bike up to your house, but Matt and especially Scott live pretty far away lol. I think what we can do is I can host the 2 of them at my house and then we can all walk to your house at 4.
    Uhm no smashing at 4 wouldn't be too bad actually, cause chances are we'll be smashing till late anyways haha. We'll get a good amount of smash done.

    Only problem now is that Connor is the only one who can drive LOL.
    Oh really? Hurm. Oh lol yeah Connor was tellin' me how he's working at best buy. Lucky guy.

    That'd be cool. Know we just gotta find a place to go to XD

    eh. I'm swimming on sat but i can probably smash afterwords for sure.

    and yeah lol. I was looking for some good samus clips but lol, all i found of Lanowen was brawl vids nowadays and patooty doesn't use samus much. ):
    ehehe what other reason amiright. Anyways, that's fantastic. Connor, Scott and Matt are all free on Sunday so I guess we just gotta check with Brent and Sean if they're able to then. (;

    Scott and I won't be able to wait till then so we'll probably smash friday XD. I guess I gotta call Brent sometime to see if he can host, or Matt or something.
    How are you liking the painful colors? xD

    Hong Kong Disco is Andrew btw. I think he tried to add you.

    Also, smaaaaaaash sometime soon pleeeeeasee. :D

    How was you're spring break btw?
    LOL xD I'm fine with doubles. If we smash tomorrow, it'll be fun to gather up a bunch of people. <3
    Oh that lovely miscommunication <3 =D

    No singles, we played like 4 rounds of doubles before sean had to go, which ended up being at around 4:30 =(
    Although, i did play a couple of rounds with Brent. I tried to use Peach, and I did ok I guess. I got bored and played Marth after a few though. >.<

    I'm heading to Edmonton sometime this weekend. I have a half day on Friday, so we could smash then? myes?
    I have nothing to do and would probably smash, but no one else is on msn/steam. No clue what they're doing <3
    Not sure. Are you guys up for some smash today? I haven't got a word back from Matt yet (I left him a voice mail.) Until he replies, I could probably host.
    self-postttttt. >=(

    Yesterday, there wouldn't have been 6 of us! (Connor, Scott, myself, Brent, yourself and Sean.)

    OK. I'm pretty free all weekend as well. I'm not sure if Matt is working tomorrow though, and he's at work atm, so I'll let you know tomorrow morning.
    If you're referencing last night, I didn't really want to be a bother making it a 5 person smashfest as someone would be the odd man out. If you are talking about Thursday, It was our "we already planned on this" mario kart time sheesh </3

    but yeah, have no obligations after 1 o'clock tomorrow, should be able to do things myself
    Yeah for sure. If not, I think I can get Matt to come pick us up, no promises though. As long as you guys actually come this time. </3
    It would be so hot if we could get everyone, as long as you guys are up for it =P
    I donno, i'll talk to him.
    Me and Andrew aren't busy, but we have no way of getting anywhere.

    Oh woe are we with out Connor =(
    self post GG. <3

    It around the same size as Sid's basement if not bigger, and Sid hosts huge gatherings in Edmonton quite frequently. It's about a roomsize bigger than Brent's lower living space.

    Ah, good to hear.
    Yeah. Even with an aggressive style, he needs to be able to play defensively and think about how to approach etc. The problem is, is he rushes in blindly sooo much, and he leaves himself open in awkward positions and what not. I'd love to point out what he's doing wrong, but i feel as though it comes across as insulting if I point out what he should and shouldn't do.

    Everyone gets that way, especially Connor who usually reaches a smash slump after an hour or so. xD

    It definitely is. I apologize for wanting to do so much tourneys and stuff, i just love the competition you know? (Actually, i just want an excuse to play sets and CP and stuff. I don't get enough practice on practical CP stages like mute city and brinstar etc.). The thing Brent doesn't get is that there are Marth's out there who really abuse Marth's advantages. Not that it's a bad thing by all means. If Brent doesn't get used to getting gimped and CG'd, he won't be able to do it when it really counts. Like, Sean and I have used Falcon for a long time, and it's awful getting shine killed, but you learn to "get around it" by airdodging, kneeing etc, and it's the same for Fox vs Marth. I'll have to talk to Brent about this. xD

    lol nah, you have a solid understanding. What really surprised me was how Connor realizes this too, (especially after he came back from GP). I was really stunned when he started explaining to Scott about approach, mindgames, patterns, reading etc. <333 We just have Brent to wait for, but he's playing a lot like how I played months earlier (Technical, flashy, and stupid. haha)

    Let's try to get a smashfest going this weekend. Do you guys have school on Friday? I wanna try to explain to Brent etc.
    hey sorry, normally filefront would send me an email telling me that one of my files is scheduled for deletion due to inactivity - I guess I missed out on my last email. Sorry about that. I'll re-upload it when I get a chance and message you when it's done. and thanks for watching :)
    Yeah. We were gonna smash at Brents, and we got no call back from Connor after he called me to confirm. LOL.

    And we tried to call him but no luck.
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