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    Favorite Ness color?

    I like using Color 2 when I play Ness. I like how it looks.
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    Lucas Secondary/Co-Main? (plz help Specs64z!)

    While playing Lucas, as Specs64z noted, you're going to find he has a harder time killing compared to Ness, so when you do get opponents offstage, edge guarding as Lucas is very important.
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    Will Kirby be a bottom or low tier in Smash Ultimate?

    I haven't had many problems out of Kirby, I don't think he desperately needs a buff. That's not to say that I don't think he needs any buffs, of course.
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    What is the reason for nobody playing Samus?

    Dark Samus is new and looks cool.
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    Too much gsp decrease per loss

    I don't think that's a good idea. Even if your past performance is bad but you do okay, if the opponent still sweeps you easy, you'd lose more GSP. I don't think you should be punished that harshly if the game pairs you with someone of a better performance than your average.
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    Thoughts on Kirby's Inhale?

    It would be used more if it weren't so slow and punishable, and if it wasn't possible to lose your copy ability before you got a chance to use it effectively.
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    Looking for training partner

    From my experience, PK Fire is hard to escape as any character, and a huge character like Ridley won't help at all.
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    BattleField or Final Destination stages?

    Battlefield doesn't counter projectile spam though, it encourages it. In addition to being unable to push forward, coming in from above is no longer an option.
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    Most annoying character to run into on quickplay?

    I'm still proud of the time I managed to recover from a Bowser-suicide throw as Kirby. That was awesome, haha.
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    Too much gsp decrease per loss

    I just played some quickplay yesterday, I started with Ness at 95k GSP. My first match won didn't even increase my GSP by 1,000, but my second win put me at 114k GSP. Then I lost a match and went down to ~96k GSP. Glad I'm not the only one experiencing that. The 2.7 million GSP I was once at...
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    BattleField or Final Destination stages?

    I like both omega and battlefield forms, but which I prefer depends on the character. With Ness, I'll go for battlefield because he seems to perform a lot better there than omega. With Jigglypuff, I'd rather use omega, my Jigglypuff seems better there. With Kirby, I prefer omega, because...
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    Most annoying character to run into on quickplay?

    I seem to only get spammy opponents or opponents capable of combo-ing me to death, so I'm scared of most of the cast, haha. Bowsers can be annoying if they're constantly going for suicide kills. King Dedede is often annoying with up-special and side-special spam. Wolf is annoying with...
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    How do i beat the puff???

    Jigglypuff is the second lightest character in the game, so you're going to be knocking them farther than most characters. Try using your own neutral air to get them off of you.
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    Take Number 5 - the singing Pokemon takes stage! Jigglypuff Discussion

    I still use Jigglypuff, they're fun to play and doesn't seem that bad of a character this time.
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    Does the AI play Ness more agressively now?

    I'm having a lot of trouble fighting the Ness CPU (level 9) that I didn't notice before. He also spams PK Fire. Has this always been the case, or is this new in the latest update?