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    Guide Advanced (and very strange) Robin tech: the "Scale Tipper"

    I didn't know Robin could do this, usually I go into Fair or FSmash after Arcthunder. I'm not able to consistently land short hops into Dairs after Arcthunders yet, at least on 3ds, but it is definitely interesting. I find the timing strict, but definitely useful if an opponent is in that range...
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    DIXIE KONG'S IN MARIO KART TOUR!!! The Last Nintendo All-Star's Barrel of Support Buddies.

    I feel like if DK got another rep it'd be K. Rool, but Dixie is up there with my most requested newcomers. I think she has a lot to offer the series, so she's got my support.
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    "Under the Southern Cross, Anything is Possible!" | Mike Jones Support Thread

    Zoda's Revenge is one of my favorite games, so of course I'd love to see Mike make it into Smash. I'm surprised he isn't getting a lot of love. I'd like to see him use his many weapons and psychic abilities in his move set, the only thing I worry about is that he has may come off like Ness...
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    I'm edgy.

    I'm edgy.
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    To "I suck at smash and it isn't fun any more in For Glory"

    I'm pretty sure I hate Ganondorf after today. My partner and I fought a pair of Ganons today and my gosh are they annoying. I'm pretty sure soloing one wouldn't be hard, but two is just plain difficult. It seems the stage gets a lot smaller when fighting them, and that I'll get hit, intentional...
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    Rank Toon Link's colours!

    Personally, Green and Brown Green Red Blue Purple Black
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    Why Do You Main Your Main?

    Oracle of Ages is one of my favorite games and I'd just beaten A Link Between Worlds. I like Link, but I could never main him. I also tend to like to pick smaller characters (My character in ffxiv is a Lalafell) so he just clicks. I switch between characters sometimes, and there are reasons...
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    What character did you first ever main?

    Pit was my first main in Smash Wii U, and Pikachu was my first in Smash 64.
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    If You Could Add Two More Characters To Smash 4, Who Would It Be?

    Shantae and Inkling. I feel they satisfy the requirements for Smash Bros. There are a lot of characters I'd like to see but see them as unreasonable for now. If I could, I'd also add Dixie Kong, K. Rool, Marche, Devil Survivor's Protagonist (As an actual summon character), Amaterasu, and Dark...
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    Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U Patch 1.1.6 Incoming!

    Here's hoping Robin's grab range and/or speed is improved.
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    Your preferred secondaries as a Robin main?

    I use Pit as my secondary with Mega Man and Greninja afterwards.
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    Things that you like about being a robin main

    I love using Robin's Uair and Fair; landing one feels like it's doing big damage. Now that I think about about it, all of his smashes have this effect on me outside of bronze sword. I'm glad we've got Robin in this game.
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    Using Your Master Seal - Robin's Discord Chat

    Can I get a link to the discord chat? I want to join.
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