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Epic Kovumon
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  • Yo! Would you put WHOBO 3 in the title of he dallas thread you created? It kinda helps build hype for this event. PLEASE!!!!
    I'm in love with your avatar...

    I got two videos uploaded and Im uploading some tommorow but the audio desynced on the videos I did upload. I need to figure out whats causing this before I upload anymore videos.
    I'm not gonna make it :( I'll more than likely find a tourney right after that, assuming there's some within driving range. :p
    Yeah for sure. I need to work on Snake, too. What's the next tourney you're going to?
    Hey! What's up man? It was super fun playing friendlies at Phase with you.
    I'll let you know when I'll start practicing with you again....probably friday when you hold your daily smashfests..
    Alright man! Good Job! Thank you very much. Phoenix Alpha had to drop out due to money issues so right now its me, you, san, and srsc@. I am posting in Whobo thread to try and get more people...
    Thank you man! I love you! lol It was that specific hotel i gave you? right? Just wondering, how much was it so i can calculate prices for everyone.
    Yo are you good at making sigs? I want one but I don't necessarily know how to make one right now....
    I think you should pursue King Dedede more....Your snake is great and maybe it's just when you face me, but you might do even better if you pick up King Dedede for doubles.
    I only have one of our matches uploaded right now, I'm going to upload the rest today.
    Alright. I'll probably be able to upload them tomorrow. Tonight I have to study for finals so I can't.
    Kameron we got some work to do bro.
    Let's get together when we have time and work on our doubles against CPU's and try some moves to GIMP other players because after Phase 4 we got some issues but we've kinda got it down right.
    But let's have fun bro and we can stop anytime you like.....because we're going to be great at this game and excel no matter what other's say :)
    If you get ROB'd by me again...I swear your dropping Snake for Captain Falcon.

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