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Recent content by ENAZ

  1. ENAZ

    Wario Is Designed For American Players

    Wario and waluigi seem kindoff french to me, but i love me my wario
  2. ENAZ

    Luigi Kill Setups

    it can be if you read it correctly
  3. ENAZ

    Should Citizens be Allowed to Own and Use Guns?

    rather t rather than mental illnesses causing violence and gun crime (though this could be considered one of them) drugs/addictions lead to most gun crimes and bad situations. drugs ruin peoples lives in so many ways, and people with good lives rarely do major crimes
  4. ENAZ

    Official Bob-Omg Social: Count to 300 bob-ombs!

    57 bomb-oms
  5. ENAZ

    Luigi Kill Setups

    anything. especially effective though
  6. ENAZ

    Luigi Kill Setups

    Does anyone have some cool or effective kill setups or combos for luigi? dthrow to dair to upb for example (this looks sick af) http://youtu.be/aWybPvWqSBc
  7. ENAZ


    i wouldnt use d throw to cyclone. id use dthrow to short hop up air, then try to tag them again. if you miss the second one, or they air dodge, try a cyclone and youll usually get it. cyclone is god for retreats or when you miss
  8. ENAZ


    bair, dair (spike), lucky gmissle, last hit on down b, fsmash, and up b(use it to punish landings) all kill relatively early. also back throw isnt too bad.
  9. ENAZ

    What counts as evidence for God?

    atheism is the 'belief' that there is no god. there is no proof that god doesnt exist, and therefore it is a possibility. sorry to burst your bubble.
  10. ENAZ

    What counts as evidence for God?

    the only evidence that God has given us is the ressurection of Jesus. Otherwise, we are supposed to have faith in him. the only satisfactory evidence for a hardcore athiest would be the lack of evidence for their beginning, and the trumpets sounding.
  11. ENAZ

    Should Citizens be Allowed to Own and Use Guns?

    If guns were illegal, then only people who break the law would have guns. of course guns being legal makes it easier to get a gun, but crack is illegal, and i could get it any day of the week if i really wanted to. the point is, making guns illegal would not really accomplish anything.
  12. ENAZ

    Virus storytime, put your Nortons on

    i got hacked by my cousin once as a prank. he used ransom ware and made me pay him a penny to get it to work again
  13. ENAZ

    Rate the Username Above You

    ^^^your username is gr8! I r8 8/8
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