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  • yeah im gunna try and go. I was actually with Bruce, Sam, and Vinny like last week and they may wanna go. =]
    I just told him to check his email. So you were wrong! He just rarely checks his email, I guess. But he is not sure if he wants to hold another tournament. He'll have to talk to his partner.

    Just wanted to let you know. Enjoy the Juice Smashfest!!
    I started using ":U" after I've seen Waltz do it multiple times. I'm very influential.

    And all righty with you calling tomorrow. John will be picking the phone up and passing the information on to Frank. Even if you did call now, I wouldn't be able to get the issues worked out. Frank stepped out for a few hours. He should be back by closing (7 or 8/:30).
    I think that Frank wants to get a call from you before the day of the tournament. I'm at work right now, so it may very well be me that will pick up the phone first. But then I'm going to have to hand it right over to Frank so that he can clear some issues(?) up.

    Other than that, see you and everyone else there on Saturday :U
    Hai. What's a good time to show up for singles this Saturday at Terrabite? Could use at least a guesstimate since I'm probably not doing doubles.
    Check your account menu, and then go into Profile Options. They auto-update every hour-or-so, too!
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