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    Mii Swordfighter Combo Thread

    Thanks to My Smash Corner's C-Stick Macro Specials video, we have an easy way to access instant tilt Chakram! Usually, it has an awkward buffering period that makes it difficult to perform the tilt version. It's oddly a stricter buffer than Palutena and Simon's sideB's, so it's a little tough to...
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    Mii Swordfighter Combo Thread

    After ZeRo posted his "secret OP character" vid, I've been playing around with Swordfighter in the lab and online. I'll get percent ranges and damage down when I'm not at work (lol)! DThrow > UAir seems to work for super long! DThrow > Hero's Spin works sometimes at kill percentages, but it's a...
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    Panda Global Launches Ultimate Gamecube Adapter Kickstarter

    Lol! I know what you mean. I still have the adapter, though, because everyone I know prefers GC controllers. I personally use a DualShock 4, but my favorite controller for Smash was always the Wii Classic Controller Pro.
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    Panda Global Launches Ultimate Gamecube Adapter Kickstarter

    You can dock the Switch directly on top of this thing. Otherwise, if you want to use GC controllers in tabletop mode, you need to daisy-chain a bunch of dongles together. For instance, I bring my Switch to work often, and my setup is Switch --> Charging Stand --> USB A-to-C Adapter --> USB Hub...
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    Mii Gunner Shield Break True Combo (?)

    This sounds a lot like Samus' setup from Smash 4, but I'm curious about how you're getting people to shield the bombs instead of either jumping them or eating the hit? I'm still used to the timed bombs from before, haha.
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    What Melee Tech Transfered?

    You're correct, but since people think of the non-laggy version allowing you to zip around the field effortlessly, I'd argue that it's dead "in spirit," and we should just refer to wave landing, which is the part that you can still do. It's not really a problem, though, since the run-stop...
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    What Melee Tech Transfered?

    I'm just gonna take your quote and respond to the bullet points: Wavedashing: No Wave landing: Yes Crouch Canceling: Yes L-Canceling: No but with universal 3 frame jump squat it probably doesn’t matter Agreed that it probably doesn't matter, but that's more due to the universal end lag...
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    Mii Gunner Shield Break True Combo (?)

    I just took this into the lab. Mii Gunner fires a Gunner Super Missile followed by a buffered full Charge Blast. Shielding the Super Missile indeed causes enough shield stun to guarantee the Charge Blast connecting, and instantly breaks shield. However, it only appears to work between 4-12 units...
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    Mii Gunner Shield Break True Combo (?)

    Ultimate has an 11-frame shield drop animation. The first 5 frames of the shield drop is the parry window. Since it's reliant on when you drop shield and not when you release the button, this means that any sequence of hits with enough shield stun where you can't drop shield is unable to be parried.
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    Pikachu problems or why ESAM didn't win more touraments with Pika?

    One Pika-specific problem that stands out is Pika's relatively high execution barrier compared to the other top-tiers. There's a reason why there are only a couple well-known Pika's: it's very, very easy to make mistakes with him, and you have to stay spot-on for the entire match. ESAM will...
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    Pikachu vs Pikachu

    Since you're familiar with your own character, dittos always revolve around one thing: what does your opponent want? It's extremely important to observe your opponent's habits and find ways to counter. Pikachu players are often aggressive, and have a tendency to QA into you or land behind you...
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    Pika Hurtbox Extension

    Uh... yeah, the video is an hour-long AMA, and doesn't appear to have any match footage to see. Typo, perhaps?
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    Yoshi Match Up

    You have to play pretty patiently against Yoshi in the neutral--a quality Yoshi has tons of control over where his eggs go, and Yoshi will be aiming to cut off your SH Fair route as Yoshi approaches himself. The thing is, Yoshi isn't *that* good at landing, so if he's going into the air often to...
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    Should I practice pikachu on anther's?

    Whoops! I read "Pikachu is not good on WiFi" and immediately assumed For Glory, haha. Thanks for pointing that out.
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    Best shield pressure option when they are above you on platform?

    Another option would to full hop a Nair. You can connect with the strong hit and still autocancel it if you opt to land on the ledge. There's enough time afterwards for a second Nair, or Uair / Dair, or to just jump away or QA.