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    Smash @ Clarendon 5/23/14 Results

    Great tourney, well run (the microphone helped a lot). Needed more setups, maybe more space? It was getting close to full capacity for that room. Overall good atmosphere and really enjoyable. Shoutouts to CP for representing! Also, Nintendude, "phatcat" goes to UMBC but he plays frequently...
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    The MDVA Melee Power Rankings - June 2014

    could you spell my name as emoDinosaur (with a capital D)
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    UMCP smashers

    planning too hard
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    Calling all University of Maryland College Park smashers

    Calling all University of Maryland College Park smashers
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    UMCP smashers

    For the past 3 weeks or so, I've been hosting a weekly smashfest with a small 16 man double-elim tourney in Chestertown Hall from 3pm-11pmish if anyone wants to join.
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    UMCP smashers

    Thought I should plug the UMCP so-much-hate-for-facebook Facebook group again:
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    UMCP smashers

    invite everyone!
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    UMCP smashers

    Hey, my name is Koji. I'm a sophomore living in Chestertown hall, I noticed that we don't have any representation of smash through FB so I went ahead and made a fb group! Feel free to join up so we can coordinate these types of things super easy!
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