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  • Oh you would be surprised how fine I am... and I actually don't have any contact with any of my friends.
    Well see that's the thing, people disappear after a while, so I'm tired of having to deal with the emotional pain of seperation... I figure it's easier to just be alone than having to go through the same thing over and over again.
    Meh, I never did have too many friends... so I don't care whether people like me or not.
    Well you're better off asking the other members, I know nothing. I don't really pay attention to the groups I am in... I got invited into all of them, I just assume that I am affiliated or something, but I don't really participate in anything.
    have you tried looking into the Online-Tournament section here on the Forum? Good place if you can't get around assuming you have a decent Wi-Fi connection.
    I'm not anymore, I took care of my boredom. That's why it took me so long to respond. XD
    I forgot, it's not until next week! :(

    I can't keep track of days anymore, I thought today was the 22nd of November already.

    I feel stupid, sleepy (I woke up early just to learn that it wasn't until next week), and bored.
    Yeah. I'm going to show all those tier-whores that Sonic is Steak Tier material.
    Ah, you bet, I'm going to be attending a tourney tomorrow!

    I should really get some sleep soon though, as I am not used to waking up early on weekends... I'll go do that after I update my guide though.
    I was born in October, so my birthstone is Green, and i like that color too, but I forgot the name of the Gem. :/
    I dunno, I would like to have a Smash Directer for the blue font just because it goes will with Sonic.
    Oh that, well I don't really care where I get.

    I don't have the intention of becomnig a Smash debater or anything like that, I'm pretty close to becoming a smash master though.
    My parents. Well really my mother, Dad has other things to do, but my mother used to be a teacher, so that helps.
    Grade-Point Average? Yes I do.

    It tends to fluctuate a little, but ever since middle school, the only bad grade I got was a C in Biology...which that is happening now, otherwise I think I'm somewhere at the higher portion of 3.0-4.0
    Meh well I really don't get as much sleep as I should though...but it's not bad I suppose, I've been told that your body just conditions itself for that kind of thing.

    I don't know though, for as much sleep as I get, I'm alright.
    Depends on the day, but that night I couldn't sleep too well last night, so I just spent some time on SWF.
    Well, sometime soon, you'll know which one you think is better for yourself, but I won't be able to help you there.
    It isn't so much as a hard challenge, but rather a test of time... and besides, it will all be worth it in the long run...hahahaha!

    Kind of hard, but the smart/pretty ones do exist... I know that.
    I find it a fun challenge to try and find the ones that aren't the skanks. :laugh: *wink wink*.
    Eh let me help you here...the LACK OF GIRLS!!1!1!oneone!!!eleven!!! makes it miserable sometimes...
    Well think about how it is good...at least you get to meet other teenagers your age...I'll leave it to you to figure out where that can head off to...
    I'm kinda bored, no discussion going on back at the Shawnik boards, especially now that we're being choked on by Xsyven (though I'm not complaining), nothing at the Ike boards either...I was suppose to challenge this guy to a Brawl set, but when he tried to join my room the first time, he disconnected, and hasn't contacted me since...

    Oh Hell, what else is there...well, I'm kind of being lazy and not doing my Biology HW, but I'm sure that in a few hours I'll look into it.

    Why do you ask?
    Oh I'm fine, you get used to the depressing s*** life throws at you after a while...I suppose you understand this yourself.
    Eight years and a few days since yesterday. Funny thing was I named him Bowser.
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