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    My Friends' idea for a "Summit House"

    o, misread. "melee players of our school" is stated p clearly lmao. hf
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    My Friends' idea for a "Summit House"

    If it were that easy to get top players into your home for a week, we'd all be doing it lol. Tournaments take a lot more time/money/work/prep than just acting on a whim, much less an invitational that depends on flying out the best in the world. I would encourage you to lookup your local scene...
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    Can I swap motherboards of a GC and a Smash controller?

    Yup, it's as simple as that. Just get a triwing ($3 on amazon iirc), open them both up, swap the motherboard, and screw it back together. 5min job
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    Get out of fox drill.

    You're supposed to input the C-stick and Control stick directions perpendicular to one another, right? (e.g. to go right, input diagonal up-right on one and diagonal down-right on the other) Or did I just make that up? Might be from a diff smash games mechanics lol
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    PMrank 2016: 20-11

    Suggestion: Dim the graphics and text for tournaments that weren't attended (N/A placements). Uniformity is good too tho obv. Just a personal pet peeve I've had w Melee rankings, and thought it'd compliment the black backdrop here lol
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    Name choosing

    Make sure it can be intuitively pronounced. My original tag JaiCho was a mix of bits of my first and last names. Obviously isn't a word, so idk why I assumed they would pronounce it like I wanted lmao. Got annoying af. Pick wisely, but don't spend too much time and let it become a bother I...
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    Last Stock Legends Song

    should try posting in the comments there first, gl
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    Enhanced Training Mode

    FifthCPU made a Spamus AI a while back. Only one char, but along with 20XX HP 3.02 it was useful for learning power shielding projectiles at different speeds/pacing. He took the files down on rip day and I've since lost my own copies; friend was asking for them, so if anyone still has theirs...
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    A common habit?

    Human reaction time is ~0.25 seconds, or 15 frames. When you go for an option like waveshine into downsmash, there's a good chance that you can't react to whether or not you hit the shine. There's not enough time in-between the shine and the d-smash inputs for you to switch things up and...
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    If you had spent all your time with something else instead of Melee?

    If I spent my time on something other than Melee, I might have been a bit better at PM
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    Sweden's Government on What They Do with the 40% Tax on Armada's Earnings

    Dang that's actually pretty amazing that you got to fly out to his home. Even cooler to learn that there's a country where watching an esport is /that/ mainstream, even if it's just going off of what the PM said.
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    (As Fox). Is the advice I got good, and also, how do I safety exert pressure in neutral?

    Playing safe is good, but not going in means you're dropping a lot of opportunities. If you're a new player, that also means that you're not learning about which aggressive moments are safer than others, and so you won't have a chance to develop your punish game. That's probably what they were...
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    Let's Brawl'em back! - NOT a project

    May seem pointless for some, but I'm down for this. I've always wanted to use all the S3 costumes, but the texture style change always threw me off. Nothing against it, just personal taste. I'll be following~
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    Mental Game. TL;DR - find ways to raise the skill/consistency/whatever bar of your worst play. You can do that through repeated experiences so you get used to playing at your worst, flowchart your play so you can...
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    4 Stages of mindset to help improvement

    Yup, the four stages of competence. Psychology is ~
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