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    So Let's Talk About the Waifu Factor

    I only main KONG because of the waifu factor My love for the KONG expands DONG.
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    How annoying is the above person's main Ultimate edition

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    What are your thoughts about Joker/Ren getting in before Bomberman?

    I don't feel to good about it. Bomber man was my pick for the smash ballet. I didn't even know who Joker was until he was announced for Smash. My girlfriend is a huge persona fan tho it's she really happy which makes me happy. So I guess +1 point to Nintendo for making my gf happy!
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    If Smash debuted this year, what would be your roster of 12?

    :ultmario::ultluigi::ultpacman::ultsonic::ultvillager::ultisabelle: :ultyounglink::ultshulk::ultinkling::ultpikachu::ultsquirtle::ultdk: THIS IS THE TRUTH
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    Best taunts

    Yall sleeping on the KONG :ultdk: That down taunt is top tier ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Media Which of these monsters do you like to play as?

    Ridley!! GOt to get that side B game on point.
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    What kind of person should play DK?

    People that like to SYTLEon some kids. Plus you get that kong meme factor. So if you want to play smash STYLE on kids and be a big meme. PLAY THE KONG. He's not easy to pick up. You will have to learn to space and handle projectiles but in the end it is worth it when you cargo grab a poor kid...
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    Snake dthrow>c4 consistency?

    I have not been able to stick people when I down throw them. My understanding was that you could not. Side question, can you stick people that are shielding?
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    Upgrade Your Offense With Attack Canceling

    As a DK main I want to master this for b-airs. DK f-air takes way to long to use in the neutral game. Being able to throw short hop b-air easily and quickly will be nice. Its sad to see all this salt about new tech being found. Why do some many people want a smash game with no advanced tech...
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    Upgrade Your Offense With Attack Canceling

    Brah why all the salt? What's wrong with some depth in a game?
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    Current highest known GSP

    I got over 2.0m with multiple characters. I'm sure people are in the 3.0m now
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    DK punch hitbox

    Dose DK giant punch have a "sweet" or "sour" spot? or is it all the same? I have been playing assuming his arm is a sour spot. If not I'm going to use it to tank a lot more moves.
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