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Recent content by E.Lopez

  1. E.Lopez

    The Complete Combo And String List Archive

    Wow, exactly what I was hoping for! Thank you! Now I can really start digging deeper into improving my Samus.
  2. E.Lopez

    Some promising Duck Hunt play by ozone.

    These are really nice, thanks for sharing!
  3. E.Lopez

    Do you prefer one Samus over the other? If so, why?

    It's going to take me a while playing both characters to really have a preference one way or another. it's hard to say right now.
  4. E.Lopez

    Replay converter

    Happens to me all the time! It's driving me crazy. I think it happens when the video is a little bit long, like 3 minutes or more. What I have been doing as a workaround is split up the replay in two by recording the first half and then recording the second half separately, then using a video...
  5. E.Lopez

    Q&A Smash Ultimate Q&A thread

    I'd really like to know about how to get hard-to-find music too. I have 872 total tracks myself, so I'm getting pretty close too. UPDATE! I have 876 now! The last one I didn't have was actually a treasure chest I missed in World of Light. It's actually annoying because 100% completion does not...
  6. E.Lopez

    Izaw Explains Perfect Shield

    Cool! I'll be studying this.
  7. E.Lopez

    Q&A Smash Ultimate Q&A thread

    Um, this might be a dumb question and I couldn't find anyone else asking: how can I use my custom control scheme when playing World of Light? No matter if I go to Options while playing World of Light and try to select my specific username control scheme, when I jump back into a battle, the...
  8. E.Lopez

    Official Arms Discussion

    Oops, I hadn't logged in for a long time, sorry to miss your reply. I think that maybe I haven't played the game enough against human players to really know! I can barely beat the one player Grand Prix on difficulty 4 (enough to see the true final boss) and maybe the difficulty I'm having there...
  9. E.Lopez

    Official Arms Discussion

    I do enjoy the game! But I'm still not sure how I should be playing, or what I should do to play better.
  10. E.Lopez

    Creator Showcase: Final Smash Comics

    Thanks for sharing this! I had no idea this comic existed.
  11. E.Lopez

    Send me your replays/Community combo vid?

    Yeah, it does seem like all the character boards I would go to before are all pretty much dead, sadly. I've been trying to improve my Mega Man lately and have been reading up on all the threads and guides here, lots of good stuff. I do hope to see a community video, even if it's mostly all just...
  12. E.Lopez

    Chasing ZeRo: The Gonzalo Barrios Story

    Excellent article, thank you for posting this.
  13. E.Lopez

    Data The Complete Samus Combo and String List

    Yes that helps. Trust me, I've watched and re-watched the video (in small portions). In my post above, I did refer to this detailed section regarding the jump-in starters. I understood the part about there being three general layers tied to percentage. Starting with N-air, at 43:13 you state...
  14. E.Lopez

    Data The Complete Samus Combo and String List

    @DungeonMaster , much appreciated. That helps clear it up a bit. And nice video. However, I still had the unanswered question on what specifically are the level 1, 2, 3, jump-ins (or other starters, for that matter). I just don't see them labeled as such when you go over them in their...
  15. E.Lopez

    Data The Complete Samus Combo and String List

    @DungeonMaster , I am still trying to put the pieces together in your massive combo video, and there are still things I have questions about. Specifically, in the large, final portion of the video where you demonstrate what combos chain into each of the starters, I was wondering about the...
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