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Recent content by dyr

  1. dyr

    it's time

    let's make diddy kong great again :056:
  2. dyr

    Social Diddy Kong Social Thread

    god bless the monkey
  3. dyr

    Video - Diddy Kong Tech

    awesome video dude! we really needed an updated tech video haha. can't wait for part two!
  4. dyr

    Social The Gates of Hell: Bayonetta Social Thread

    hey babes. bayonetta looks really cool. lets be friends.
  5. dyr

    Diddy Kong Video Thread

    thanks homie. :) banana control is my biggest strength for sure.
  6. dyr

    Diddy Kong Video Thread

    figured i should post my grand finals with ryo here. this was at GatorLAN 2 weeks ago, a Florida regional tournament. i feel like this grand finals has a lot of insight into how much you can really abuse Ike's bad out of shield options.
  7. dyr

    New-Haa, Fact or Fiction?

    i've been lazy learning all the specifics about this combo so thanks for this! going to try incorporating it ASAP.
  8. dyr

    Atlantic South Beachside Smash @ Gamer's Sanctuary 7/25/15 (Daytona Beach, Florida)

    Melee and Smash 4 weeklies @ Gamer's Sanctuary!! 1027 Nova Road, Suite 106, Holly Hill, Florida 32117 - $3 door/venue fee - $3 to enter each respective game - ($6 to enter one game, $9 to enter both) • Both games are run in a double elimination bracket. • Payouts for both games are split top...
  9. dyr

    Do patches scare you?

    No, patches don't scare me anymore. They wouldn't possibly nerf Diddy a THIRD time... Right? I hope that the next patches fix what else is wrong with the game though so it can be much more enjoyable to play. It's still really good right now though.
  10. dyr

    Why is Bowser so underrated?

    Bowser has insane killpower and some fast moves, but he's ultimately too slow I think. His weight and size make it easy to combo him for a lot of characters. He's pretty good, and I would put him at like low B tier maximum but not any higher.
  11. dyr

    "roy main but i play a killer falcon"

    "roy main but i play a killer falcon"
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