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Recent content by Drugfreechu

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    Midwest [Aug 15, 2015] Power Button presents Smash 4 and Melee... (Peoria, IL)

    I was there a couple weeks ago and someone was using the gamepad. I don't see why they wouldn't let you.
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    Who are the best PM Ice Climbers?

    Hylian is probably the best Ice Climbers as of now, even though he doesn't main them ;) Other than him, there is Chu Dat (who really never uses them) and Nintendude also used them at some point... What other Ice Climbers could qualify for maybe top five ICs?
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    Midwest [Aug 22, 2015] EXPosure 22 (Oak Park, IL)

    Harry, are you still in need of a doubles partner? If so, I'd like to team up with you. :)
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    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v4.07 - 7/04/17)

    Is it possible to set defaults in the debug menu? For example, if I wanted the results screen to actually show as the default, would I be able to do that?
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    Nintendo Releases 'Smash-tember' Video featuring Smash 64 and MIOM | Scar

    At 2:33 of the video, a Nintendo rep calls Pokemon "Pokeman" instead.
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    Reality 64: A Smash 64 Mod For Brawl [Not Quite The End | Page 26]

    Are you keeping Up throws and Down throws?
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    Nana's throws occasionally have more freedom (like Brawl)

    I'm sorry if this has already been posted. I wouldn't be surprised if nobody knows about this, due to the lack of ICs mains. When grabbing with Ice Climbers in Brawl, the player could choose which way they wanted Nana to throw. In PM, they made it more like Melee, where Nana throws based on...
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    More on the My Music Battlefield freezing glitch

    The purpose of this thread is to inform what I know about and general discussion of the glitch. The purpose, however, is NOT to report, since that has already been done and I posted this in the General Discussion subforum. I apologize if there is already a thread about this, as I have searched...
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    Ice Climbers META Thread : suggestions and discussion go here

    The Ice Climbers should be able to grab the ledge during their side B. That would improve their recovery, at least.
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    Maining Ice Climbers :D

    What are the uses for desyncs they seem easy enough to do but how/when are they really useful? Desynchs can be used to set up for grabs, which can be used for combos/chain grabs. Desynching to make Nana blizzard or grab the ledge without Popo doing it can be very useful. I have recently learned...
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    The 3DS friend code sharing thread: Find opponents here.

    My 3DS friend code is: 5386-9229-0239 I play Pokemon X/Y. I added everyone in the list from A-P (I couldn't fit more than 100 names on there :)) as of now (7/24)
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    What other fighting games helped your Smash Bros competitive play?

    Tales of the Abyss actually helped me a bit because there is dash dancing in that, and I learned to use it in that which helped me use it in smash.
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    Ice Climbers MU Discussion

    I fight a Toon Link with ICs quite often, and I think it's in the IC's favor, probably about 70:30. They can edgeguard TL fairly easily, and TL can't edgeguard them as easily as some other characters can. They outrange most of TL's moves, and wavedash grabs work well. Also, Sopo has lasting...
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    Donkey Konga Bongos in PM

    For those of you who haven't played Donkey Konga for the Gamecube, it has its own controller, which are basically a set of two bongos (drums) that serve as the controller. I was playing Donkey Konga for a while, and it got boring, so I switched to PM. I had the bongos in controller port 1 and...
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    Sopo freezes against Ice Climbers

    I couldn't find this anywhere else and looked in the known bugs section, so sorry if this has already been talked about. As many of you probably know, holding R at the beginning of a battle with Ice Climbers lets you use Sopo instead of both climbers, similar to using Giga Bowser instead of...
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