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    Whats wrong with Hanenbrow?

    It's just really annoying to play there. Not to mention that, even though you can control your character, you will never get out of the water once you get in it.
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    What Past Stage Do You Wish they have in Brawl?

    Dream Land, simply for the song. Also, Saffron City. That stage was fun.
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    Final Smash oddities

    Hm, maybe it does depend on stage size. Lylat Cruise is pretty small. Another thing I noticed though, my opponent that I hit was a Kirby. I jumped, which normally would go over a Kirby. And it wasn't Wi-Fi, this battle wasn't on Wi-Fi.
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    Final Smash oddities

    Because I tried to hit an opponent who wasn't right in front of me and not dodging, and it missed.
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    Worst Voice in brawl?

    Falco. Or Ike. I'd say Sonic, but those two are worse.
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    Is anyone else really hoping for Subspace Emissary 2?

    Unless it takes place before Brawl's, showing the origin of Tabuu, then no. The ending was great and it doesn't need to be ruined by a sequel.
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    Final Smash oddities

    I was playing with Toon Link on the Lylat Cruise stage. I had the Final Smash, and I was under the left wing. I had three opponents, two above me, one under the right wing. Now, Toon Link's Final Smash, as you may already know, has short range, about two character lengths infront of him. I...
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    Favorite deleted Melee veteran

    My favorite was Pichu.
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    Super Smash Brothers Crusade - v0.9.0 Demo Available for download!

    You're making some pretty bold claims OP.
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    Pokemon Trainer

    Did you not notice that there are character specific subforums?
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    Banning stages is just dumb ~*Official rant*~

    One smash attack will give a player the upperhand in Wario Ware. For casual play, my favorite stage. In tournaments, no. Same goes for many stages that are banned: Temple, Pokemon Stadium 2, you name it.
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    Sonic: The Go-To N00b Character

    Yeah, like you have any proof that Sonic's low tier. You know what? No, I'm not saying I could beat a competitive Brawler, I've only had the game for 4 days. But is it any smarter for you to say Sonic isn't worth crap when the game's only been out for that long? Is it smart to make assumptions...
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    What is sonic's finishing move?

    Sonic's Up+B is a meteor, I believe.
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    Why A Tier List Is Not For Brawl!!

    Am I the only one the thinks that the system of determining tiers is a little . . . flawed?
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    Sonic: The Go-To N00b Character

    Yes, because Radical Dreamer can't win with Sonic, he must suck. My kicking my brother's butt with him doesn't mean a thing. Youtube videos of Sonic winning battles doesn't prove a thing. Guides to winning with Sonic doesn't prove a thing.