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Recent content by Drodeka

  1. Drodeka

    Best monitor for melee?

    Due to small space and a desire to play in HD, I'm wondering what will be the best low lag monitor for me to play some Melee on would be. My price range is around $200-250 Any help and input is appreciated, especially from ppl with hd monitor playing experience.
  2. Drodeka

    Falco is stupid and I need help

    You can do just about anything you want to avoid lasers aside from staying on the ground and getting hit. As was said multiple times before, it's a mentality problem, or your reflexes are just too slow. Personally I prefer to dbl jump over them and then fast fall right behind or waveland, use...
  3. Drodeka

    Safest thing on shield?

    Pretty sure all of Falcon's aerials are completely safe against shield grab, no matter the spacing, if you drop them really low. Except first hit of nair obv. I tested it out using TAS a while back when I was learning how to be safe on shield against all the top tiers. Like seriously, you can do...
  4. Drodeka

    Help me talk to a great.

    So Twitch is the place to be?
  5. Drodeka

    Help me talk to a great.

    I want to personally speak with a great player of this game, either through direct messaging, or through skype/raidcall etc. Obviously I have a few reasons for asking for this, but the primary is that I want fast, personal responses to my questions and ideas. I want to speak and share at a...
  6. Drodeka

    Give me Marth info, plz

    I've had trouble with ROB and Pit/Dark Pit mostly. Samus, Megaman, Pac Man and such haven't been a problem, but ROB's too handy at keeping Marth out and catching any attempts at retreating if I make a mistake. Pit/Dark Pit feels almost identical to the Marth-Falco matchup in Melee, except one...
  7. Drodeka

    Give me Marth info, plz

    Picked the game up after having done no research. Being an avid Melee player the game didn't appeal to me until I played Smash Run, and now I have interest in playing For Glory. I really dig Megaman, but Marth is just wonderful in this game with punish and prediction, so I've been playing mostly...
  8. Drodeka

    Ken Combo?

    No, there is no way to pull the Ken combo off and have it actually BE a combo. However, if your opponent lacks defensive awareness and/or fast aerials, you can definitely make it look like a Ken combo by just fairing then dairing. Had it work in Glory mode about 2 times in my last session...
  9. Drodeka

    WA Power Rankings: August 2014 Update

    I just really love the scene here in Washington, it's awesome. Thanks to all of you guys for being awesome. Can't wait for Gamecluckssss
  10. Drodeka

    WA Power Rankings: August 2014 Update

    Gonna start being tourney's at Evergreen pretty soon. Apparently cash prizes are not allowed though? You'd have to talk to @Daftatt for the details on that. I'm gonna be at GameClucks this Saturday and I'm ready for this. I'm gonna probably challenge some of the better players to moneymatch...
  11. Drodeka

    800x600 HDTV?

    Okay, thank you. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure CRT TV is what Daftatt uses. But, up until now, I thought CRT TV's were just the old TV's, not something different. EDIT: Oh, they are. Well now I'm a bit confused. So I should just find a CRT TV that also has S-Video? I already have...
  12. Drodeka

    800x600 HDTV?

    I have a friend (@Daftatt) that is able to play Melee with absolutely no lag in HD because of the perfect resolution/screen size setup of the TV. It's awesome, and I want to do this for myself. Question is, how would I know for sure first that the TV will have no latency? I have also been...
  13. Drodeka

    Official The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v5.0.1 - 6/9/2022)

    Wow Link has a shortened cliffcatch? That would be useful if he were a better character... or fun. I've got a neat idea, but forgive me if it's impossible to code. To let the player know when they do a perfect wavedash, could you code them to take 1% damage every time an airdodge is performed...
  14. Drodeka

    When do you use Marth's Jab ?

    I use it a lot in Sheik matchups when Sheik is running at me and has passed his dash dance range because all the Sheik can do is Dash attack, grab, or WD back, all of which are safe to jab at. In PM I use it against Squirtle because it trades with a lot of his approaches and wins, and clanks...
  15. Drodeka

    Official The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v5.0.1 - 6/9/2022)

    It would be easier if I was Sheik. I am doing it with Marth, so it shouldn't be too hard. Marth is pretty good at tech chasing, right? Also, would you say his wavedash is his optimal tech chase ability? It's what I use to cover if they tech behind and I already entered RUN from DASH.
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