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Recent content by DreamcastBoy99

  1. DreamcastBoy99

    Create a roster for a Fighting Game between your Two Favorite Franchises!

    here goes: SEGA VS CAPCOM SEGA: 1. Akira 2. Pai 3. Kage Maru 4. Sonic 5. Shadow 6. NiGHTS 7. Axel 8. Gillius 9. Alis Landale 10. Vectorman 11. Vyse 12. Alex Kidd 13. Hotsuma 14. Kiryu 15. Ryo 16. Bayonetta 17. Pulseman 18. Segata Sanshiro Capcom: 1. Ryu 2. Chun-Li 3. Guile 4. Mega Man 5. Bass...
  2. DreamcastBoy99

    Project M: Cobalt Legacy

    Is the BrawlVault or Discord build more complete?
  3. DreamcastBoy99

    What's your opinion of the Sm4sh 21 OUTSIDE of Smash? (Part 4)

    :ultmegaman: - Being a huge Mega Man fan when he was revealed I went "YES! YES!" because his arrival is long overdue. His voice in the English version of 8 sucks tanuki balls, his Japanese voice in the same game is better (it's Polly Esther). Classic character, though I like X better...
  4. DreamcastBoy99

    Create a Fighter! - The future of Miis and Customization?

    I hope one of the voice options is Link’s Melee voice recycled, bc we could use it to make Hiei or Batsu.
  5. DreamcastBoy99

    Rate Their Chances - Smash Ultimate Day 564: Crash Bandicoot and Tracer (Overwatch)

    Geno: Chance: 49% He got in as a costume last time, Sakurai knows how popular he is and even considered him for Brawl. However, we still got a bunch of licensing issues and red tape to wade through...but Cloud returned so yeah. Want: 100% I hope they find a way to work in timed hits like Legacy...
  6. DreamcastBoy99

    Rate Their Chances - Smash Ultimate Day 564: Crash Bandicoot and Tracer (Overwatch)

    Simon Belmont Chance: 72% He’s a classic NES icon with a unique moveset. However, Konami is very difficult to work with I presume. Want: 100% Being a big Castlevania fan, if Simon gets in, I’ll be just as excited as when Mega Man got in 5 years ago.
  7. DreamcastBoy99

    What's your opinion of the Brawl 18 OUTSIDE of Smash? (Part 3)

    :ultike: - He seems cool. I ship him with Lethe. :ultlucario: - He was my favorite Pokémon until Incineroar was introduced. He’s still up there. :ultpokemontrainer: - I would talk about an epic battle involving two player characters but it’s a spoiler. As for his Pokémon, Charizard’s my...
  8. DreamcastBoy99

    What's your opinion of the Melee 14 OUTSIDE of Smash? (Part 2)

    :ultmarth: - I’ve played the NES game and watched the 1996 two-parter. I don’t care about his games, he just sounds cool. Not much I can say about him. :ultgnw: - he’s just a stick figure that jumps out of buildings or airplanes. :ultmewtwo: - this guy is awesome. His backstory was original...
  9. DreamcastBoy99

    What's your opinion of the OG 12 OUTSIDE of Smash?

    :ultlink: - I’ve played quite a few Zelda games over the years and the only ones I’ve been able to get rather far into are the original, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and A Link Between Worlds. Whilst classic Link (green clothes with brown sleeves and strawberry blonde hair) is my favorite...
  10. DreamcastBoy99

    Sakurai: "...So I'm kind of hoping you aren't expecting too many new challengers"

    I’m not going to expect too many new characters either...but as long as I get Simon or Incineroar i think i’m good. I’m disappointed that Bomberman is only an AT though.
  11. DreamcastBoy99

    Smash for Switch Most Wanted: Likely Picks

    Simon is kinda unlikely...but I want him in regardless. Incineroar seems more likely though...I want him in bc he’s Tiger Mask and Kane fused together.
  12. DreamcastBoy99

    BrawlBuilt ISO with different Title ID wants me to create a new save file.

    So after successfully making a Melee Remastered ISO with BrawlBuilder, I ran it with USB loader GX....and guess what? it wants me to make a new save file! I chose not to because I felt like if I did it would overwrite my vBrawl save....should I make a save anyway or make the ISO again without...
  13. DreamcastBoy99

    [solved] Problems with BrawlBuilder

    So I decided "what if I put Melee Remastered 2.5 on an ISO?" and took a copy of my vBrawl WBFS file and patched it that way and gave my file the ID "SBMR" and then patched it. So after the extraction i get this: I hit yes, then when it finished, I tried starting it with my favorite USB loader...
  14. DreamcastBoy99

    BrawlBuilder - The Ultimate SSBB ISO Builder

    I had the same problem but i dumped mine straight from my wii with USB Loader GX
  15. DreamcastBoy99

    BrawlBuilder - The Ultimate SSBB ISO Builder

    and pplus i keep getting this error...is it bc my iso is split? and i hit yes
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