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Recent content by Dreambeatz

  1. Dreambeatz

    How To Space With Mario?

    I had a feeling that bair was his best spacing tool but I was probably spacing it incorrectly.
  2. Dreambeatz

    Social The Egg-Cellent Dinosaurl! Yoshi in Smash Ultimate Thread!

    This is a Yoshi Matchup Chart for Smash Ultimate in my opinion. Feel free to comment any general tips or feedback if you would like.
  3. Dreambeatz

    Social Ultimate Social Thread: Under Construction. Be Back Soon!

    Seriously what the hell is going on? I don't even know what the hell I got into...
  4. Dreambeatz

    How To Space With Mario?

    Any Mario mains have an idea on how to practice spacing and what could be spaced with Mario?
  5. Dreambeatz

    Buff wishlist!

    Jigglypuff is fine but Olimar.... no.
  6. Dreambeatz

    Buff wishlist!

    Mario's recovery to be good and that he actually can kill for once. Yeah.... no thanks.
  7. Dreambeatz

    Mario Vs Wolf Advice?

    I've lately been having trouble against Wolf due to his air game and him being able to not be punished after his moves. Any advice on how I should play against Wolf?
  8. Dreambeatz

    Yoshi survivability

    I wasn't notifying you I just put that as my title. Sorry.
  9. Dreambeatz

    Yoshi survivability

    Is it me or does Yoshi literally survive anything at 200%. I upsmashed a Yoshi at 140% and just doesn't die yet almost kills me at 60% like Sakurai explain?
  10. Dreambeatz

    SSBU - What are your nitpicks?

    Just how 95% of Smash Ultimate is just sword characters and shielding is basically useless now.
  11. Dreambeatz

    I Give Up On Mario. What Should I Do Now?

    I don't know why but I feel like Mario is just completely trash in Ultimate. You hear all these Mario players saying "He's better in Ultimate than Sm4sh" when you can you just knock him offstage and he's just a goner. He's terrible at recovering and experienced players escape from Mario's combos...
  12. Dreambeatz

    Am I the only one who misses Smash 4?

    I miss Smash 4...
  13. Dreambeatz

    Nerf wishlist (Lock this please)

    Three things... 1. This was just a joke. 2. I suck donkey ass at Smash dying from non experienced players. 3. I'm a Mario/Luigi main so my opinion doesn't count.
  14. Dreambeatz

    Nerf wishlist (Lock this please)

    K Rool's Down Smash, Ike's nair, Incineroar's side b, Falco, Snake, Lucas's pk freeze, Shulk's range, Isabelle's side b, Link's power, Young Link, Pokemon Trainer, Chrom and Ike's up b, Pichu, Richter and Simon's range.
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