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  • You interested in coming up on this Saturday for a house tournament for Smash 4?
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    It depends if someone is willing to drive me up there. Is anyone else from Louisville you know of going? Maybe I could hitch a ride or something.
    Amida and Kero and possibly Ralph Cecil and company, dunno anyone particularly from Louisville. If you find those that want to drive you, tell 'em they can come on up too!
    Hey man I was just wondering what program you use to record your matches from your laptop? also, is it available for Mac? and would you recommend it? Or is there something else you'd recommend over it? Thanks in advance!
    Having a smashfest today if you're interested at Oreo's around 7:00. Feel free to show up if you'd like :D
    Yup, leaving Saturday morning at 9:00. If you could get there a bit early, that'd be great, actually.
    kk we have a spot for you this weekend if you want it. We're going to be meeting at Oreo's at 9:00 and leave from there. We might be doing a smashfest tomorrow at Oreo's, but I'm not sure yet. I'll let you know soon after I figure stuff out.
    Just thought I'd ask, would you sometime be able to upload my set against Iskascribble? I don't really care about any of the other videos, just wanted to watch that set XD Also, we might be doing a smashfest Thursday night at Oreo's, if you're interested.
    sup man, how did that Athen's tourney go? Who did you beat/win to in tournament? How were the Judge games? Anything that you plan on doing better next time?
    mk.....so yeah i dont understand computers all that well soooooo ummm if i give you the pictures could you make a sig? i would be greatly appreciative :]
    dude rowan how did you make your signature?

    reveal your secrets!

    also at what times do you get on smash?!
    dang it rowan! i should got you a couple of times but i guess not cause of lag johns! all well good game bud.
    lol sory im just a bit new to these forums :p
    I didnt read the criteria fully before posting, now I see that it works >.<
    Hey, you updated my peach tourney results, thanks! :D
    I dont know you at all, and i know you dont know me. but im planning on moving a bit form AIB to these forums.
    But conserning the peach tourney results..

    Ive had 2 local tournaments. Ill post them now, but do they count.. even they theyve been awhile since they happened?

    Just get back to me whenver, Hopefully ill talk to a peach player liek you more often ^_^

    thanks! :D

    I will let you know more about it when it gets close to the date. Right now we are shooting for the dec. 20th. Just check out the sd2 thread from time to time and I will also keep you updated.
    I'm thinking about going down to Cincinnati during winter break would you care to join us? I'll see if we can go to one of there tournaments and then stay and for a smash fest. I really want to see how well we could do against. Overswarm, Kel, and Sliq.
    yeah i won 2 weeks in a row. i busted my *** when we had 24 people there. anyway enough about me, hey man i really need you to help us get some people to this Regional Tourney at S2D, i would gladly help out with some flyers and bring some people own there.
    Yo. Turns out there are tournaments held in Louisville people just don't know how to get the word out. Check out this biweekly http://smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=176121 I've only been to one but they have had about 5 or more. I just know heard about it. So please attend and spread the word. I would love to see this turn into a big tournament.
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