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    Free 21" CRT TV, Kansas City

    TV went to SOPRO Gaming in Overland Park. They run smash tournies there every friday at 4pm. Figured someone there would want it. :P
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    Social Melee Social Thread and stuff

    Free 21" crt TV, good working order, for anyone who wants it in the Kansas City area. I'm not using it and don't really have room for it.
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    Kansas City/Lawrence Discussion Topic

    Free 21" crt TV in good working order. I'm not using it and don't really have room for it. Currently have it here in Shawnee, Kansas.
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    Free 21" CRT TV, Kansas City

    I have a 21" crt tv in good working order that I'm not using and don't really have room for. Free to anyone who wants it. Currently have it here in Shawnee, Kansas.
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    Meta Competitive Smash Ruleset Discussion

    Though I appreciate the necessity to keep tournaments moving along at a reasonable pace, I really don't like time limits imposed on matches, because it favors certain characters. Consider, for example, Sheik, who has difficulty KO-ing and requires an extraordinary amount of patients and...
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    Important Hyrule Warrior - The Sheik Matchup Database

    lol Ryu. Have you tried ducking against him?
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    Little mac skill and viability much different offline to Online

    Lil Mac is really the bane of online play, imo. "LOL LOOK I CAN SPAM SMASHES AND YOU CAN'T PROPERLY REACT TO THEM BECAUSE LAG. OH LOOK I WON, *drops out*"
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    Grimers . . .

    But where did they go? Gosh I've been away from smashboards for so long . .
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    Just play more passively. Zelda is a second main for me, and it's so frustrating when people start playing passively (which they usually do after getting punished playing aggressively). Zelda just doesn't have many approach options, so play passive and punish her. Also she has a bit of...
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    Walmart General Discussion

    That will be three easy payments of your soul. You can also pay by firstborn. Thank you for shopping with the Evil Empire, and have a mediocre day! ------------ I work for Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart owns you. gg no re kthxbai
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    Research on the Chain.

    Does look like I was mistaken and tricking myself. Upon further testing, I used Sheik's bAir, 'cause that's fairly recognizable, then tried various Zelda moves. All jackets acted as the bAir.
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    Research on the Chain.

    On the other hand, it is fairly easy to aerial chain on command. Just to through it out there: After a spotdodge-dsmash type situation, the sheik player could potentially try to follow up with a chain jacket. If it doesn't work, then an "aerial chain" is the likely product, which is a little...
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    Research on the Chain.

    If I transform to Zelda, perform a move, then transform back to sheik and chainjacket SOMETHING, what is it that you propose that I just chained? Hitboxes and such seemed to be different than Sheik's attacks when jacketed, so don't be so quick to nonchalantly say "oh, it was the attack you did...
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    Research on the Chain.

    Many times the chain just jackets itself, it seems, in which case then entire chain will have the damage and knockback of the tip (but without electrical properties), making it significantly harder to run through. There also seems to be a lot more leniency in performing this. (edit) - I don't...
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    Kirby WiFi challenges

    1934-0323-8174 Kirby Dittos? Of course. 11:35 US Central Time.
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