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    Creator Showcase: RelaxAlax

    Spicy Texas Sliders
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    New Discovery: Mac´s d-smash z-axis

    Does this only work on these particular projectiles?
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    Smash Redditor Downvoted for Having an Opinion

    You know what? I'm sick of you scramblers talking crap about our preferred breakfast! You keep saying that fried eggs aren't as versatile in the way of seasonings or condiments, when almost all of your scrambled eggs are sickeningly runny and disgusting, while others are far too solid and firm...
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    Smash the Record Stage List Revealed!

    Someone FINALLY realized that Rainbow cruise is a far more balanced and competitive stage than Yoshi's story.
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    A Chat with Matthew Taranto, Creator of Brawl in the Family and Tadpole Treble!

    Sometimes in life, you discover things that you never knew you needed. These things can change your entire outlook on the world and life itself, to the point where thinking about how you may not have come in contact with that thing would have started you down a deep dark path, never to return...
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    Super Smash Bros. Lawl

    No Garfield costume for Nostalgia Critic? No matter. I'm still giddy over this idea. Will there be a demo soon?
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    [Concept] Chronocide

    Well, I'm sure you could find a few really good smash engine templates all ready to go somewhere online, but you would have to figure out how to add your Chronocides and stuff like that. Plus, I you ever want to sell the game, using another person's engine may cause some problems.
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    [Concept] Chronocide

    I can't say that I know of any exact tutorials on Smash-style games in GM, but I'm sure that videos or forums exist on the subject. Also, I wouldn't think about assets like music right now, because that can be added much later. Right now, start small. Start building the simplest version of the...
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    Smash Art Spotlight: JP3

    I really enjoy articles that give these unsung Smash community heroes some time in the spotlight! The Smash scene wouldn't be quite as big or exciting without people like JP3, and I'm happy when they get some recognition! Plus, I've been thinking of going into graphic design myself, so this has...
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    Rapper Lupe Fiasco and ZeRo to possibly face off at EVO 2016

    Now I just want ZeRo in a rap battle.
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    poppin traditional shizzzzz

    This is very impressive! I'd like to see this much detail put into an actual portrait! Good luck!
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    OFFICIAL Waifu Tier List

    Has anybody else noticed that the husbando tier list had comic sans on the top image and the waifu tier list has papyrus? UNDERBOARDS confirmed. Also, VAIKE IS THE ONLY WAIFU.
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    One Hit Smash: Great Cave Offensive Stage Analysis

    So I hear Pokefloats is on the legal stage lineup for EVO.
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    OFFICIAL Husbando Tier List

    Lets be honest, we all know who the greatest husbando is:
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    Super Smash Bros. Lawl

    Gaston is my new main. Can't wait to camp at the edge of the stage using "four dozen eggs". Also, the character editor looks interesting. I may look into it sometime!
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