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    Data Luigi Match-up Discussion Thread

    Well that works for me
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    Luigi's Smash 4 Guide? (Will keep updating)

    Definitely a advocate of that! This guide has the most information about Luigi currently and is the most active guide. I think it should be stickied as well.
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    Continuing Poll for next Match-up Discussion

    Well Little Mac was discussed in the previous round, the thread is still up for discussion if you want to add your input. No match-ups are definite right now, just up for discussion. Can find it through the Match-up Directory. Also the Luigi match-up is 50-50 as it normal, could talk about it at...
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    Social Luigi's Social Mansion

    Yeah most match-ups aren't set in stone and wont be for a while. But I at least want to keep moving so we can at least get ratios on the board for most characters and then revisit the ones that we do not fully agree with or want to change.
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    Spooktacular Stages: Luigi Stage Discussion

    From the stage list of the Wii U version I doubt Windy Hill will be on it for the simple fact that too much is going on in it. I personally don't think its a bad stage but, normally stages like this will be banned. The stages I think we will have at most tournaments on are: Battlefield, FD...
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    Social Luigi's Social Mansion

    Hey guys didn't want to make a double post in the match-up thread so decided to post here. We kinda finished up with the first 3 match-ups we had (ZSS,Little Mac, Rosa) and if everyone can drop by a post the next three characters they would be interested in that would be cool. No rush of course...
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    Luigi vs turtles

    Honestly, you answered some of your questions yourself in the post. In the past Luigi never won the neutral game and he still does not. Luigi will need mix-ups to win and end the neutral game as quick as possible, just like most characters. Very few characters benefit from camping and waiting...
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    Official The Lean Mean Green Machine - Luigi Gameplay Discussion

    Wait, timeout. Really? There is detection for simultaneous button presses now? So assume you only have one button detection as in previous games, how fast am I pressing this button? Is it less stressful than melee or are we back to melee mashing for lift? Also, using at gcc what two buttons...
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    Who ya Gonna Call? Luigi! - A Complete Guide

    Ok cool, but good work none the less! And of course you aren't stupid!
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    How do I approach you jerks as Shiek

    Don't know if I'm late with my response but, when I played a Shiek she was literally every where. I don't she has any problems approaching Luigi, however, I do believe she cannot be careless when she does approach because of our combos. The fireballs can zone her out a little but, she is fast...
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    A Luigi Main asking for opinions

    Hey guys, right now the Luigi forums are discussing the match-up ratio for Luigi Vs. Little Mac and we came to the conclusion that we haven't had enough experience to really give a good ratio. If any one can give some constructive answers for how you think the match-up plays out or your personal...
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    Luigi Vs Little Mac Match-up

    Here is the link for the thread I made to talk with Mac mains. Some are willing to play us and have even give ratios. If anyone has the chance it would be great if they could drop by the thread and give some opinions or play them.
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    Who ya Gonna Call? Luigi! - A Complete Guide

    I hope you didn't take what a said as an offensive or anything. I really didn't want it to come out that way. And here is the link, like I said it isn't the same type of guide they're touch on different points. I was just saying to cut down on confusion it could help for them to have different...
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    Continuing Poll for next Match-up Discussion

    I will be opening back up the polls for 3 new match-ups to be discussed for the next two weeks. Voting will start again on Saturday 11/29/14. Rules will the same as posted above in the first post. Characters previously discussed will be crossed out and their ratios have been posted in the...
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    Who ya Gonna Call? Luigi! - A Complete Guide

    I love the guide post, it will be helpful when new people are interested in playing Luigi. I think you should change the thread name though since we have a Luigi Guide already with combos and damages percentages. I think your post is more of an intro into the character and the pros and cons...
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