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    How many characters do you Smash with?

    What I normally do at my friends houses is play my top 5 mains for 10-15 matches being :4kirby::4bowserjr::4cloud::4rob::4greninja: Then, after that's over I'll just pick every other character on the roster. I like to alternate between all 58 characters. But use :4kirby: and :4bowserjr: when...
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    Who is your Main and why do you main them?

    I Main who I Main because no other character on the roster can use Buzz Saws, Drills, Cannons, Boxing Gloves, Exploding Robots, Karts, Tongues, and Giant Forks at the same time.... But besides that. Bowser Jr. clicked in my head as my favorite character so quick. I just think he is so amazing...
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    Smash Wii U What songs do you miss?

    Molgera Battle from WindWaker... It was on "Pirate Ship" in Brawl and then scrapped from Smash 4... Literally my favorite Zelda song of all time
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    Who is easier to play among the top-tiers?

    Oh trust me I definitely know that to be true. I'm just saying that literally EVERY local I go to. 90% of the people there play Sheik. And I would say 75% of every match played is spent doing those 3 things. I'd love to see way more combos from her, but as of right now, I'm not
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    Who is easier to play among the top-tiers?

    I would say Sheik is the easiest character in the world to pick up IMO. Once you get the Forward Grab to Bouncing Fish down, and the Down Grab to Up Air down, and the Tinder Combo down. It's pretty damn easy to win. I'd say ZSS is definitely in 2nd Place for this one.
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    Kirby Changes Patch 1.1.4

    I Secondary Kirby in Sm4sh so I play him A LOT. After messing around with Bayonetta and Corrin tonight I wanted to test out Kirby's Copy Abilities for those 2. So I went to the training mode and I noticed a significant speed upgrade like immediately... Idk if I'm being crazy but not just air...
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    Smash Wii U The Weirdest Miiverse Stage Message You've Seen

    *Unrolls list longer than an Ancient Chinese Scroll* Well there's far too many... But probably the worst was a (incredibly detailed) picture of Mario putting his D*** in Luigis mouth and it said "Luigi Suk" ... I didn't play MiiVerse for a solid week after this.
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    Why is your main underrated?

    My main is underrated because he's currently number 48 in tiers... Sad face :4bowserjr: But I don't care. I think I do fairly well with him and have gotten close to winning / actually won a couple Local Tourneys with him against Sheiks and Luigis and whatnot.
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    Smash 4 Final Video Presentation Recap

    I was more than happy with this. What makes me the most happy is that MY BALLOT PICK WON!! :D :D :D Just a tad bummed there is NO Splatoon representation besides the mii costumes. was hoping for an Inkopolis stage haha. Also was never on board the K. Rool train ever and I absolutely DESPISED...
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    Smash 4 Controller Lag Comparison

    Hori Battle Pad anyone..? No..? Just me..? ;_;
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    What's your Smash tag?

    It was iOWN in Melee because I was 8 years old when Melee came out and I thought I was super pro at that game lmfao (I wasn't) Then when Brawl came out I kept tradition but I added a U to that name and used iOWNu. And I use that name as well for WiiU So yeah. Same SmashTag for 14 years now haha
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    What Character Did You Vote For & Why?

    I voted Bomberman. Because I've been in love with him since Wario Vs. Bomberman for GameBoy. I just know he would work so well.
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    New Nintendo Direct Tomorrow (April 1st, 2015)

    I'm starting to believe this German Nintendo employee is the Conductor on the Hype Train
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    2nd Jump Issue

    Oh know I'm not running off the stage for the knee. After the down throw I jump normally off the ground to execute the knee. But doing this usually takes me off the stage where my 2nd jump is gone.
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    2nd Jump Issue

    Oh I don't doubt there are other threads about this issue, but I couldn't find anything in relation in the first few pages so I just thought I'd ask.
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