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Recent content by Dogg/Naoki/Suzaku

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    Marth video critique thread

    Ipod vs Snake Playing against Snake at mid ranges is extremely important, as this is usually where Snake starts the momentum. Ideally, Marth should be walking and reacting (like C.J. was saying). Treat the mid range as Snake’s dash attack length. Shielding is really good; beats f tilt, dash...
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    SiD 11: inb4xmas | Toronto, ON, Canada | Results/Shoutouts | 12/22/2012

    Sorry for the late shoutouts, just came back from the US. This tourney was really fun and I hope everyone comes out again. 1. infiniteV115 ($135) - Great job winning/getting your salty runback and then some. That set we had was really fun, hope we can play again next time. Thank you for the...
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    Showdown in Downtown 11: inb4xmas [Stream will be starting at 2pm EST FOR SURE]

    If I can make it to this tourney I'll definitely team with you, To Joe. I usually don't join doubles, but it's a special time of the year lol Christmas coming early (for me) :P
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    Official SWF Matchup Chart v2.0

    You can't beat V115.
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    SiD 10: The Ambush | Toronto, ON, Canada | Results/Shoutouts | 11/10/2012

    I used Snake, Falco, Link, Marth, and random. Good games everyone. When is the next SiD? 1. [GDLK] Tin Man ($144) -  Good job getting 1st and hosting :) lol @ exam question. 2. Toronto Joe ($72) -  Nice placing. I don't think we have ever met in bracket lol You vs me WFs next tourney...
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    ZSS General Discussion

    Legit loss to Lucas.
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    The Southern Ontario Power Rankings - 31/07/14 Update

    So there is a next level?
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    The Southern Ontario Power Rankings - 31/07/14 Update

    LOL I can't imagine that face on a mugshot PR. BlackGold, I just want to use Marth to get to the next level. Instead of always depending on Falco if I don't feel confident in going Marth.
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    Showdown in Downtown 9: 99999999

    I don't think I'm staying for the full tourney but serious set for sure @ DDM. I lost my backup batteries and was scared that my classic controller (classic controller pro now) may die. Not anymore :cool:
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    Showdown in Downtown 9: 99999999

    I will try to be there. Serious set anyone?
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    (」・ω・)」 MARS la Marf in Smash 4 (/・ω・)/

    Raziek, against DK you should chase a bit more offstage. Your stage control is really good but when losing the percent battle (DK being 50% higher than Marth), you should apply more pressure offstage.
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    (」・ω・)」 MARS la Marf in Smash 4 (/・ω・)/

    I am currently PR'd 7th in Ontario (Canada). I was 3rd, then switched to 4th with V115 (now 2nd) because I play him every tourney and gained a losing record vs him lol Sometimes in winners, losers, or both. Moved to 7th due to inactivity because of arm surgery. I agree with CPing to BF, but...
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    (」・ω・)」 MARS la Marf in Smash 4 (/・ω・)/

    I agree. I feel more comfortable on BF than SV. I also like using jab 1 or 2 depending where they are positioned on the platform for BF. Does the reverse nair allow you to land on stage? Is it a ledge hop to opposite side b to nair or ledge jump to opposite side b to nair?
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    (」・ω・)」 MARS la Marf in Smash 4 (/・ω・)/

    nova 9, I use Marth and am known in my region. Zano, I am that guy lol Thanks again, I really appreciate it. Raziek, those are usually nerves/hard reads. Clowsui, I have good wins in my region just not great (nice name, it sounds cool).
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    (」・ω・)」 MARS la Marf in Smash 4 (/・ω・)/

    Has anyone ever heard of me?
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