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  • Yeah he's awesome. I practiaclly watched him and a few other Samus players to get my style.
    I have dial up. Youtube players take forever to load.... :(

    Tell me the name and I'll tell you if I know the player. I watched about every Samus player known to man....
    Also I forgot.


    There's the Luigi subforum. It has useful infomation about him and it's basically where all the Luigi players talk about whatever Luigi players talk about....

    Try to read the Luigi guides if you have the chance. They're very helpful. Like when I first ran upon the Young Link guides my Young Link got soooo much better.
    Cool. Also you getting a smashboards account shows that you have dedication.

    You just got some respect from me. :)

    If you have any questions about anything I'm willing to help to the best of my ability.
    Awsome! Keep practicing. That's the only way to get better. But don't practice aginst cpu's. They really don't help. Best thing to do when you're alone is just to practice techskill. (Wavedash, sweetspotting, revovery, etc.)

    Also chekc the SoVA thread regularly. Other's post on it and sometimes there are a few events that pop up that people host. Just make sure you stay updated on it. :)

    check it son
    the first page dont apply to anything, he rewrites it every time he hosts some kind of tournament (which hasnt been in a while, since i beat him)

    but, it's been here for a while so alot of people have posted n stuff.
    so theres like 400 pages of posts. so go to the last page to see the latest post
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