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Recent content by dkuo

  1. dkuo

    Q&A Ask about Pikachu! Hosted by Axe and N64! feat. dkuo!

    @Popertop this isnt a perfect solution but, pikachu's tail retracts when you sh and waveland. so whenever youre on the retreating side of your dd (or just in general) you could do a sh/fh/wd if you really wanna make sure you dont get clipped heres what i mean http://imgur.com/cmBIE4r EDIT: in...
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  4. dkuo

    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v5.0 - 11/21/2021)

    i dont actually remember if i ever replied in this thread but 20xx is amazing and thank you for this \o/ the main reason im posting tho is that i have a suggestion: can there be an option for enabling cpu random sdi? you made a comment that it would be very unrealistic but i (and many others...
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  6. dkuo

    UMCP smashers

    hello wenbulbasaur
  7. dkuo

    Q&A Ask about Pikachu! Hosted by Axe and N64! feat. dkuo!

    executionally its not too difficult after some angle practice however, an important note - theres no way that was done on -reaction- since they started their upb/sideb animations pretty much at the same time. its more the fact that axe started a long distance shorthop offstage, which pressured...
  8. dkuo

    Important Carefully Ask PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    if youre a single trigger user like me i usually like holding down the other trigger so that i dont accidentally lightshield with it or something ~useless info brought to you by dkuo~
  9. dkuo

    Q&A The official "Ask Your Questions" thread

    yeah frame perfect haxdash is actually insane hard with dk lol. single haxdash still useful as a juke though since it usually makes people think youre going back onstage, and doesnt have to be frame perfect 99% of the time
  10. dkuo

    Q&A The official "Ask Your Questions" thread

    hi dk boards havent been here in literally all my life im sure you guys already know about this but i confirmed a thing in tas today http://gfycat.com/LameAcclaimedCranefly slow http://gfycat.com/TheseLeadingAfricanporcupine for some reason the 37th frame flashes by really quickly
  11. dkuo

    PPMD's Falco Discussion Thread

    this thread is the one place theres really too much material in this thread to organize properly. i just bookmarked a few posts that i thought were noteworthy and i imagine thats what most other people do too. unless someones ready to comb through 566 pages of materials its really not a...
  12. dkuo

    Double stick di out of marth's platform combos

    this isnt fox specific is it??
  13. dkuo

    Q&A Ask about Pikachu! Hosted by Axe and N64! feat. dkuo!

    and? AND?!?!?
  14. dkuo

    Q&A Ask about Pikachu! Hosted by Axe and N64! feat. dkuo!

    if you keep eating full hop drills you should probably start expecting it preemptively. but im assuming youre already doing that this post will be specifically on fox's full hop drill granted i use falco 99% of the time these days but the same idea applies ~_~ theres only a few places fox can...
  15. dkuo

    Q&A Ask about Pikachu! Hosted by Axe and N64! feat. dkuo!

    i think fox mobility ties with falcon. falcon has a better dd but fox's low sh and fallspeed is fjfkljflkf i think ys is traditionally viewed as pikas worst stage but all the stages have their situational uses. even ys is useful against certain chars/playstyles, like campy puffs or something...
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