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Recent content by DJDave189

  1. DJDave189

    Social The Perfect Specimen Of A Man Returns!- A Wario Return Thread

    I never played WarioWare before, the only Wario games I've ever played were Wario Land 1 and 2. I might one day buy WarioWare: Get It Together and see how it is, I've always wanted to play WarioWare but never got the chance.
  2. DJDave189

    Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl General Thread - Available Today!

    I don't know if I'll get the game or not, but if they add Squidward as a playable character then maybe I might buy it.
  3. DJDave189

    Social The Perfect Specimen Of A Man Returns!- A Wario Return Thread

    Damn it's been two years since anyone commented here lol.
  4. DJDave189

    Official Nintendo Direct Discussion Thread - 9/23/21

    I can't wait for the new 3D Kirby game next year, also I'm happy to see that they are finally adding the Roost to Animal Crossing New Horizons.
  5. DJDave189

    Social Banjo-Kazooie Social Thread - Project Dream Come True!

    I just wanted to say congratulations to all those who wanted Banjo-Kazooie in Smash, I've never played the games but I've always liked the character's design and he looks really fun to play.
  6. DJDave189

    Social The Adorable Assistant of ACNL: Isabelle Discussion Thread

    Isabelle really is a fun character to play as and imo she's even more fun to use than Villager, one of the things I like to do with Isabelle is when the opponent tries to recover back on stage I'm like don't worry I'll save you in which I then use my fishing rod to grab them and then proceed to...
  7. DJDave189

    Social King K. Rool's Kremling Kutthroats: This...Is Our Finest Hour!

    I finally got to play as King K. Rool, and my god he's so much fun to play as.
  8. DJDave189

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Alright what Mario character should we add in Smash Ultimate? Waluigi? Nah, Paper Mario? Nah, Geno? Nah, Piranha Plant? Ah hell yeah!
  9. DJDave189

    The Piranha Plant Opinion Thread - Official #PlantGang suburbs.

    At first I was like really Piranha Plant? Are you serious? But then I was like ohhhhh Piranha Plant looks kind of fun.
  10. DJDave189

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    I really feel bad for those that wanted their most wanted characters playable but it didn't happen and a plant got in before them, too me that's both sad and funny at the same time.
  11. DJDave189

    Geno (♥♪!?): Return of the Starsend Savior

    I don't know too much about Geno since I never played SMRPG but he does look like a interesting character, with DLC confirmed it looks like he still has a chance to become playable so I wish you guys the best of luck.
  12. DJDave189

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    lmao I still can't believe Piranha Plant is a playable character, that was hilarious and not gonna lie but I'm actually kind of excited to play as the Piranha Plant when the character is available.
  13. DJDave189

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    I think we should be getting one more Smash Direct sometime in November, that's when they will talk about that mysterious mode that they didn't talk about in the previous direct and also reveal the final new characters for the game.
  14. DJDave189

    Social The Adorable Assistant of ACNL: Isabelle Discussion Thread

    I can't believe that we're in a time where a Shih Tzu secretary will be fighting against a extraterrestrial dragon, lol this is great and I also find funny how some people were probably expecting Isabelle to be playable and once she was revealed to be playable some of those people are now being...
  15. DJDave189

    Social The Adorable Assistant of ACNL: Isabelle Discussion Thread

    I'm very happy that she's in Smash, and also very surprised that she's not an echo like I originally thought she would be. She looks pretty fun to play as, so I'm excited to try her out.
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