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Recent content by Dirtydeeds

  1. Dirtydeeds

    Justice 3 - NESS Qualifier - Results Thread

    Shoutouts to everyone who came to this event. It honestly still blows my mind how many people came out and made this so awesome. Thanks to all the other TO's and the stream team and EVERYONE who helped to run this event. There were a lot of people who pitched in who didn't need to and this...
  2. Dirtydeeds

    No Johns 1/4/13 RESULTS

    Yo great time as always. GGs to everyone I played. BTW, I was Falcon and Marth in bracket Thanks, look forward to the next one.
  3. Dirtydeeds

    SoS: Justice! Results

    Thanks to everyone who came out Shoutouts to ethan for hype Shoutouts to Steve for being an awesome venue owner Thanks again to everyone who came and a special thanks to people like prog, Max, Matt, Papa, and Swift that helped us out a lot. Handshakes all around to the people I got to play <3...
  4. Dirtydeeds

    Collision V! Now BRAWL and MELEE!

    Imma hit this up for some melee. Super close to my place.
  5. Dirtydeeds

    Apex 2012- What Happened?

    For the record, I never particularly liked to watch traditional fighters but I watched both Marvel and SSF4 on Sunday and it was reasonably entertaining to watch. I also didn't at all find it obtrusive to the stream and I actually thought it was kind of refreshing to watch something new. I...
  6. Dirtydeeds

    Fox video advice

    Recently recorded a few matches and I was hoping people would take a look at them. Played two here against ganon, any general advice you can give would be appreciated: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCApXd3Zg-c&context=C3ec3110ADOEgsToPDskJp1ONOF9ymvOrOmBtT8tLc...
  7. Dirtydeeds

    RoM 4: Setup Thread - POST!!

    My car will have 2 full setups.
  8. Dirtydeeds

    "The Smash Brothers" Series: Calling All Collaborators

    Is your friend Hercule Satan? :phone: :phone:
  9. Dirtydeeds

    NoJohns Bi-weekly 9/3/2011 Results

    Fun tourney, grand finals were insane. :phone:
  10. Dirtydeeds

    [Apr 19, 2014] No Johns Monthly! April 19th!! Project M ! (Nanuet, NY)

    Got stuck in traffic earlier. Be there in about 10min. Edit: stuck in traffic again. >.> :phone:
  11. Dirtydeeds

    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    Not sure if this has been posted before in here but I'm looking for a bit of advice on the ganon matchup. Approaches, safe things to try, easy kill moves, general tactics, what to avoid. Pretty much any advice you have would be helpful. :phone:
  12. Dirtydeeds

    My fox sucks, help make it better!

    I really thank you guys for the advice you've given so far, I appreciate it a lot. I would really help if you guys could give me any advice or strategy for the captain falcon matchup. I really have a lot of trouble in this matchup in general but mostly in approaching and recovering against...
  13. Dirtydeeds

    Sudden Death! RESULTS!

    SmokeyB 10char
  14. Dirtydeeds

    SSBM paint rage thread!

    http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/196/fodplatforms.png/ This.
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