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  • Been to too many locals lately, wasting way too much money, time to take a break.
    One day I'm really ****ing good. God tier good. The next I'm scrubby For Glory scum. The next day, god tier. Rinse & repeat.
    Absolutely FLOPPED at KTAR XVI. And I thought I was getting better w/ ROB. Learning Sheik from here on out.
    Also was at KTAR XV. Got rekt in pools again but I had so much fun and met awesome people. I was sick tho so didn't stay til the end.
    Was at KTAR XIV, my first tourney ever. Only played Smash 4 singles. Got rekt in pools but had an awesome time, definitely coming to KTAR XV
    Considering going to my first tourney in a month. Currently training SSB4 because I may have a chance of not getting totally destroyed.
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