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  • I know I've been discussing a lot about Darkstalkers lately, but I really do hope that if the Capcom Fighting Collection does really well in terms of gaining decent sales and gauged enough audience interest, this could be the breakthrough Capcom needed to make a sequel, something that Darkstalkers Resurrection had attempted almost ten years ago, but couldn't quite achieve to do so.
    Capcom Fighting Collection: Whilst I will say that this is a pretty neat collection of Capcom's past fighting games that include five different ports of Darkstalkers plus Red Earth finally making its console debut, this is a rather interesting direction. This will hopefully give these titles an opportunity to shine and perhaps it could may be a way to determine and gauge audience interest within the series.

    Street Fighter 6: Well, it was bound to happen at some point as Capcom's Street Fighter is going to have a new entry. So far only Ryu and Luke (with new designs) are the only ones confirmed and it will be interesting to see what new information they will share in the Summer. Also, this will be a test for the new team without Yoshinori Ono (who left Capcom) and an opportunity to hopefully not make any hiccups with what happened with the vanilla port of Street Fighter 5.
    It's been ten years since Street Fighter X Tekken came out on home consoles, a game that was supposedly meant to celebrate two iconic fighting game franchises but had garnered headlines for all the wrong reasons.

    At the same time, Yoshinori Ono who was the former head of Street Fighter tried to push hard for a new Darkstalkers entry that still laid dormant for many years despite bringing out "Resurrection" which did not help gauge interest.

    I do believe that there was a window of opportunity for Yoshinori Ono to promote and gauge interest for Darkstalkers in which even though Street Fighter X Tekken had Bad Box Art Megaman and Pac-Man, I felt they could had been included as guest characters to build upon the franchise even further from Darkstalkers Resurrection.
    Whilst I cannot say much about Amazon Prime's Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, but it is really sad to see how certain parts of the Internet community had been reacting with a lot of hatred, toxicity as well as spamming an old quote from Tolkien which does not really do them much favours.

    In addition, I understand why Zack Snyder distanced himself away from this particular community by telling them that "there is no room for hate."
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    I consider myself a Tolkien purist who enjoyed LotR despite its overwhelming inaccuracies and goofs and downright hated the Hobbit. I will be sitting this one out as the idea is....meh to me. I will say though that directing any hatred or toxicity to this part of the fandom that enjoys it/to those making the series to equally fly in the face of what Tolkien wrote about.
    Fair enough and I respect your views on the Rings of Power show as I will also reserve my judgement on the show.

    The only thing that constantly frustrates me within parts of the Internet communities especially with social media and Youtube is that they always use this as a platform to spread their lies, conspiracies, racism etc on something that does not fit within their narrative or agenda.

    I just wish they will learn more about respecting others and not provoking any hate.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Yeah that’s dumb. I don’t mind them changing things up elves wise or, as some say, SJWing the narrative. getting upset and being toxic about that is dumb and, sadly, that’s a rather ordinary line people take when modern media takes a work of fiction and pivots it to something different. I would rather just sit and read the Simarillion and bask in Tolkien’s intended (well…err..his son’s) narrative glory rather than contrived and slightly forced fan-fiction’y stories just to bank on the Tolkien name. That’s my entire beef with televising the content in LotR. Rather than “Why did you make it like this” and more so “Should of it been made?”

    The movies were amazing though. Except the ending of Return of the King. I wanted the Scouring of the Shire, god dammit! Even a “Shire’s Scouring Cut” that retcons Saruman and Wormtongue’s death would of been far more appealing than the entirety of “The Hobbit”. At least give some sort of reason for the Hobbits wanting to preserve the Shire and show how far the progressed from first setting off to when they returned.

    I will say that the people in charge of making the movie set out with the idea of “making a novel that Tolkien never did” really kind of….irked me a bit.
    Saw some people on Twitter predicting that a Mario movie trailer could be shown in tomorrow's Direct.

    Personally, I don't highly expect a trailer to be shown yet as it is hard to tell at this point how far in production the film has been going.

    Realistically they could share a small teaser or glimpse of the artwork, but if they were to show a first trailer, they may perhaps save it during the month when E3 takes place.
    Watched the latest episode of the BBC's Apprentice and I find it really baffling to understand whether or not one of the teams understand what is on trend within the video game market as well as how can you not spell the word "Arctic" correctly?
    If Smash Ultimate had continued providing DLC characters, I wonder how they could transit a Hisuian Trainer as a playable character?

    So here are my thoughts on the Uncharted live action film trailer and how well it could do potentially within the box office:

    I'm somewhat not very sure about this and even though I do believe that Tom Holland is a brilliant and talented actor, I don't know if Nathan Drake is the right role for him as I could say the same about Mark Wahlberg in which I'm not sure if Sully is the right role for him.

    This is one of the films that will be released in February 17th and with not much competition going on that month, I think it is hard to say how well the film will do at the box office as this will depend on how well the reception will be recieved but since Tom Holland does have his own fans and this is based upon the Uncharted video games, I'm thinking this could fetch a slightly decent number (in which I'll reiterate depends on how well the film will be recieved and how well the film is being marketed.)
    So I've been seeing a number of Youtube videos that had posted about the recent reshoots that have been going on in which the likes of Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Ms. Marvel. Whilst the term "reshoots" is often thought to be considered as a negative buzzword, it actually is the complete opposite and this isn't exactly anything new within film and tv productions as these a are highly common and are bound to come up.

    There are various reasons to why reshoots takes place for example, perhaps they have an additional idea/scene that they want to shoot or improve the quality etc.
    Haven't done much film reviews lately, but anyways here are some that I have seen through Disney+:


    The 60th Disney animation takes on the magical and vibrant Madrigal family that had all recieved a "miracle" gift with the exception Mirabel voiced by Stephanie Beatriz. The animation and visuals within the film is not just stunning, but it was beautifully animated. The story showed great amounts of fun and emotional depth and the characters from Mirabel, Luisa, Isabella and Bruno were very well built and constructed. The one aspect that makes Encanto very special is the soundtrack in which Lin-Manuel Miranda produced. I will say that this is probably the Disney's most memorable soundtrack containing the likes of "Colombia Mi Encanto", "What Else Can I Do?" as well as fan favourites "Surface Pressure" and "We Don't Talk About Bruno" which had recently been a massive hit on the Billboards chart.

    My rating: 9/10
    Posting this later than usual, but here are my overall thoughts on the first episode of Battlebots:

    Sawblaze Vs Minotaur: I really thought Sawblaze could end up having a challenge against Minotaur after it showed early aggression. But that all changed when Sawblaze's saw-axe struck what is the most internal section of Minotaur causing it to smoke and losing its primary weapon in the process. Overall, it was a convincing win for Jamison Go and as for Minotaur, they will need to get something in their next fight to keep their qualifying hopes alive.

    Uppercut Vs Gigabyte: After sufferring a shock loss against Ribbot last season, Uppercut punched out a knock-out blow on to Gigabyte as they started their campaign with a win. I thought that Gigabyte could had gone and attacked their exposed wheels but unfortunately their machine proved to be rather difficult control and as soon as they were not able to self-right, it was game over for them.

    Switchback Vs Gruff: You can probably tell that despite having an innovative weapon, Switchback's lack of experience costed them the fight and gave Gruff their first win.

    Tombstone Vs Capt. Shredderator: Had a feeling Ray Billings' was going to have a challenge against the full body spinner of Brian Nave's machine. Once again, Tombstone smoked out which gave Captain Shredderator their third-ever win in Battlebots.

    Free Shipping Vs Blacksmith: This was probably one of the most exciting matches I had ever watched. Both machines showed great amounts of aggression, but it was Blacksmith who managed to edge out Free Shipping to get their campaign off to a winning start.

    Deep Six Vs Pain Train: Pain Train had endured a poor run during last season and unfortunately they had even more pain inflicted as Deep Six sunk them down with a devastating blow.

    EndGame Vs Hydra: The champions of last season kick start their campaign in which they face off against Jake Ewert's Hydra. Unfortunately for Hydra, they had reliability issues with their machine that started to smoke and their flipper configuration got stuck which meant that it is game over for Jake Ewart's machine as the champions got off to a winning start.
    Sharing my concerns and fears I have about the Bob Chapek Disney CEO era.

    He had already made one mistake with Black Widow's simultaneous release last year and now I feel he is about to make another by putting Pixar's Turning Red on streaming instead of theatrical releases which is a rather odd thing to do considering that they usually do a 30-45 day theatrical window first.

    Here is the thing. Whilst I do acknowledge and understand that there is still a pandemic going on which is causing further disruptions, but it is massively important especially for Bob Chapek to ensure that he keeps the creative talents and the animation studios happy. Turning Red has now became the third Pixar film to head to streaming instead of of theatrical release and I am sure that the creative talents that had put all their hard work will not be pleased with this.

    This is why I feel Chapek's vision and direction is nowhere near as good or even close to what former CEO Bob Iger had achieved.
    Looking forward to watching some robot-mashing time as Battlebots makes its return with its sixth season which commences this week.

    The champions of last season EndGame will kick start their campaign against the flipper bot Hydra in its first fight.
    Well it is not long until we close the page of 2021 which had proved to be a challenging and tough and open a new chapter in 2022.

    I have not been able to achieve much this year as I stayed mostly at home and only went out a few times whilst following safety guidelines provided within my country where I continue to wear my mask wherever I go, keeping my distance and recieving my vaccination and booster jabs. But everywhere I go, there are so many things that had come and gone in which it almost feels like I was walking in to an alternate reality.

    I just want to put my fingers crossed and hopefully things will be better in 2022, although this is very hard to tell what will happen next at this time.

    Anyways on the bright side, I want to wish to everyone on Smashboards, a Happy New Year and may 2022 bring you luck and prosperity!
    Going on for a bit of a rant post. There were several bizarre things that I have seen commented throughout the Internet and social media lately that left me rather baffled and bemused.

    As of today, Spider-Man: No Way Home made a huge amount within the global box office where it is the largest domestic numbers to date. But seeing how some parts of the Internet and social media are using Spider-Man: No Way Home's box office numbers to say that it wasn't "manufactured" unlike the other MCU Phase 4 films and defeating their narrative is just a terrible analysis considering that these films were released during uncertain times within the pandemic is something that should never be ignored. At the same time, they have illustrated their bias.
    Can't believe next week is going to be Christmas day. I'm aware that the current situation within my country is getting worse with the rapid increase of cases, but all I can do at this time is to ensure that I keep myself and others safe and continue to follow guidelines.
    Spider-Man: No Way Home comes out tomorrow within my country which is two days earlier than the US release.

    Sadly, I won't be able to watch the film due to the concerns of the rapid Omicron cases throughout the United Kingdom and therefore, I will most likely await for the Blu-Ray release.
    Been seeing a lot of debate on social media mainly Twitter arguing about Miles Morales being Spider-Man. I will say that no matter how much ignorance and denial these particular "individuals" had shown, Miles Morales is and will always be a Spider-Man just like how Peter Parker, Miguel O'Hara, Ben Reilly, Cindy Moon and many others assume the identity as a Spider-Man..

    Maybe those people who still ignore this, should watch this video starting at the 01:01 mark:

    Home Sweet Home Alone Thoughts:

    I always adored the first two Home Alone films that were so memorable back when I watched these as a kid. When I heard that another film was in the works for Disney+, I was cautiously curious because I don't know how things will turn out. Sadly, Home Sweet Home Alone felt like it did similar mistakes in which the 2021 adaption of Tom and Jerry had done in which the main character got shafted in favour of the side characters.

    Other than that, I did like Rob Delaney and Ellie Kemper's performances as Jeff and Pam McKenzie.

    If they were to ever work on a sequel, my advice to them is to perhaps hire better story and screen writers who can actually provide a compelling plot and character development.
    Decided to give it a second watch and whilst I still maintain my views, I do feel more sympathy towards Jeff and Pam McKenzie's struggles a lot more than Max. But the only saving graces were the appearance of Buzz McAllister and the final 10-15 minutes of the film.
    After watching Shang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings three times on Disney+, here are some ideas I have in mind for a sequel:

    1. Shang Chi teams up with Jimmy Woo to form the Agents of Atlas (a team that comprises of other Asian-based superheroes.) I have a couple of ideas for my ideal casting in which if anyone is interested, I could provide my thoughts on who should be who in another post.

    2. Shang Chi and Katy goes on a journey to look in to the history of his father's ten rings and perhaps ally with the Five Weapons Society.
    My thoughts on the Multiverse:
    • Whilst it is something that I will keep track on my radar, I am cautiously going to wait and see how things will pan out as soon as more details will be revealed within the future.
    • It is also quite interesting that they are utilising a 2v2 mechanic which is something refreshing in terms of what platform fighters have offered so far.
    • As for the characters, there is quite a good mix of properties from specific Warner Bros. franchises and it will be interesting to see who else will be revealed.
    When I type in X-Men 97 on Youtube, it gave me two angry nerd channels within the search results saying that their childhood will be ruined.

    Are these channels even fully aware of the history of the X-Men franchise when they were first made or are they as usual use this opportunity to gain clicks?
    I'll probably predict that if a sequel is greenlit at Marvel Studios, I could imagine that this will follow the events of Thena, Makkari, Druig who are seeking to find any other existing Celestials to warn them about Arishem's intentions along with the aid of Pip the Troll and Eros aka Starfox to rescue Sersi who was captured during the film's ending. If anything I predict that if Pip the Troll joins them, he is sure to be the comic relief within the team.
    So, just managed to finish watching the Eternals and I will say that it is not as bad as what the critic scores (on Rotten Tomatoes) reflect, but it does have some issues in which there is room for improvement if a sequel is in the works.
    Happy Halloween! On the subject, it has been almost nine years since this particular "Darkstalkers are not Dead" trailer was shown:

    I would really love to see a new entry where the franchise re-emerge from its grave hopefully within the future.
    Watched the latest Pokemon anime series called "Journeys" and I really do at times miss episodes where they gave Ash's Pokemon a focus episode to give them an opportunity to shine. I'm aware he has got Gengar, Dracovish etc, but I do feel they deserve equal screen and development time other than Lucario.
    Whilst I do acknowledge I do pay attention to critic reviews (in which I respect their review) as they do offer an interesting perspective, there are times that I may either agree or disagree with some of their reviews depending on whether any of these lines up with my views and opinions.

    In the end, it is important that you make your own opinion to decide whether something is good or not.
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