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  • Considering how much damage Bob Chapek had already caused for Disney since taking the reigns over Bob Iger, he certainly will have a lot to answer for especially with several of his decisions that not only include Lightyear's B/O performance.

    But mainly the treatment of Pixar's past films such as Turning Red's sudden decision to go streaming instead of theaters.
    Someone on GameFAQs:

    "But I don't believe for a second that this "leak" was accidental. Capcom leaked on purpose to understand the needs of the community and if they were happy with what they're planning for SF6. Keep telling yourself that you have a degree in marketing."

    Yet I don't believe what Capcom did was "intentional" nor was it on purpose as with almost every leak, it will always be unintentional and accidental. For example, this happened to before to SNK prior to the King of Fighters XIV, when the entire roster got leaked out and also the leaked test footage for the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros that had surfaced showing Shulk as a playable character. I am sure neither of these were meant to be intentional.

    Whilst I am glad to see that the leak does have a lot of positive reaction from the community and I am pretty sure that Capcom did not anticipate something like this to happen, leaks can sometimes be quite unpredictable and risky as it can go in either direction depending on the reaction.

    In general, "whenever a big leak happens it’s bad for the studio, it’s bad for the developers, it’s bad for the publisher, and it’s bad for the marketing people."

    Source: https://askagamedev.tumblr.com/post/616749537089978368/what-are-the-negative-impacts-of-leaks-how
    Someone on Youtube:

    "I know damn well I don't see the FGC criticizing Kingdom Hearts 4 photo realism, weren't yall the same people praising hyper Realistic SF6 & calling us legacy fans losers?!"

    Does this person on Youtube not realise that both Kingdom Hearts 4 and Street Fighter 6 are two different genres which is why no-one from the FGC (Fighting Game Community) are talking about KH4?

    Also, where exactly is the evidence that the FGC had been criticisng KH4 because if you show no proof that this had ever happened, I can't take anything that this person says granted.
    Capcom producer Shuhei Matsumoto recently stated in an interview that he doesn't believe that the Capcom Fighting Collection is going to potentially revive some of their older IPs.

    I just feel that he is attempting to throw down the guantlet and whilst I can understand his expections, I generally believe that if the collection does well in terms of sales and gaining attention, then perhaps this can change his mind.

    Anyways, I am sure that the Capcom fighting department are hard at work with the upcoming Street Fighter 6 and if it does hit the right notes, then maybe this could be used as an opportunity to revive some of their dormant fighting games that deserved the spotlight they had long awaited for.
    In addition, I have seen some comments saying that they are no longer interested in purchasing the collection in which I see this as the complete opposite.

    I know that there are people like myself who is still awaiting for a new Darkstalkers game and after reading Shuhei Matsumoto's interview, whilst he is putting his expectations in place, I still believe that the only way to convince him and Capcom is the old saying that "actions speaks louder than words."
    Finally watched episodes of the Gummi Bears for the first time and I can understand why it was a massive Disney Afternoons favourite back then.
    Watched Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers live action film on Disney+ and whilst it is very much bonkers like Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Wreck-It Ralph, I was left entertained throughout the entire film that is not only packed full of Easter eggs and references, but was able to tell a compelling narrative and excellent character development.

    I will leave one particular reference, but if you watched through the credits, did anyone notice that there was a reference homage to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

    I would recommend watching from the 15:50 mark to the 20:13 mark in regards to "checking your sources."

    For further context, Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness had already made over $700M in the worldwide box office in which several "sources" stated that the film was a flop, when in truth it actually wasn't and it is already making money.

    In addition, several sources stated that the film made an 81% second week drop when again, the actual second week drop was 67%.

    It is really sad to see that some of these particular "sources" seem to use the box office numbers to fit their narrative and agenda which isn't exactly what the purpose of the numbers are meant to be for. In addition, these "sources" often have a long running habit of spreading misinformation and lies which as the video said it can be very "dangerous."
    I remember the times when Marth and Roy who were introduced in Super Smash Bros. Melee in which their franchises were not exactly well known at the time as their games were a Japan-only release.

    After their inclusion, I became a fan of the Fire Emblem series in which it took many years for the franchise to achieve the recognition they deserve in the West.

    At the same time, the series certainly gained a lot of recognition with the Super Smash Bros. franchise that had seen the likes of Ike, Lucina, Robin, Chrom, Corrin and Byleth as playable characters.
    So hopefully if the Capcom Fighting Collection does well in terms of sales, not only this could revitalise interest for the revival of older Capcom fighting games that had been dormant for a long time, they could consider looking in to a 3D Fighters Collection and a Vs collection (SNK, Marvel etc.)

    Here is my idea of what I would like to see in a Capcom 3D Fighting Collection:
    • All the Rival Schools games.
    • Power Stones 1 & 2
    • Star Gladiators 1 & 2
    • Tech Romancer
    • I would love for them to put Capcom Fighting All-Stars: Code Holders, a fighting that had been cancelled as a potential bonus.

    "Ask the fans, and while you’re not likely to find too many who think this is some kind of masterpiece, there are plenty who are willing to be more generous to the film." - Or maybe the reason why they are "more generous" to Morbius is that these reviews are practically fans who would be willing to defend the film even if it is really bad.

    Sometimes fans don't always have the same mindset as critics in terms of understanding the difference between a good and bad film.
    After watching Spider-Man: No Way Home, I really do hope that the web-slinging superhero will remain with Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige as they have a much better creative vision in contrast to what Sony is attempting to produce with their rather ambitious Spider-Man universe without the character itself.

    Whilst I can understand why Venom had proven to be a success due to the fact that its one of the most iconic villains within Spider-Man, I can't really say the same for the others in which Morbius had already proven that without the help of Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige's creativeness and direction, it will end up producing the opposite result.

    In addition some of those that were involved with Morbius in which Matt Holloway and Art Marcum (uncredited for Morbius) re-wrote the script for Kraven the Hunter whilst Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (who were involved with the writing for Morbius) had also penned the story for Madame Web.

    If Morbius showed how to create a bland and uninspired plot, then I can not say that I highly expect neither Kraven nor Madame Web to do well.
    So after four months of waiting, I finally had the opportunity to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home and it was a blast from start to finish in particular the third act remains as one of my favourites so far.

    Whilst I really enjoyed the parts where the alternate Peters conversed with Max and Otto, but Otto and Maguire's Parker is what really gave me the good flashbooks and vibes that I remembered when the two first met during Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2.
    If anyone asked me about do I prefer critics or audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Firstly, critics are often very constructed as they tend to look through all aspects of the film from the character development, acting, pacing, the script etc. On the other hand, audience tend to be very less constructed as most of the reviews only highlight on the entertainment value of the film and often at times, very vague.

    I will say that I do follow at least 3 or 4 critic reviews that I trust just to be on the cautious side a lot more than audience reviews. But in the end, what I consider is mostly important is that you, yourself should judge on whether the film is good or not.
    Having watched Sonic the Hedgehog 2 yesterday which was released in the United Kingdom a week earlier than the US release:

    Overall, I'd say it is a decent, fun and entertaining film that does level itself up from its first film. However there are only a couple of issues in terms of some of the scenes being quite draggy in areas and sometimes it loses its focus on what it is attempting convey. But I would watch this over Morbius for sure.
    Earlier I gave my brief thoughts on Morbius and here is my full overview and my thoughts on the future of Sony's "Spider-Man Cinematic Universe":

    As I had stated, the entire film was a literal trainwreck from start to finish as Morbius had been plagued with a number of issues from the poorly crafted story that was so messy and confusing especially those two post-credit scenes that left me with moments scratching my head and part of me saying "what?" to underwhelming characters and cast that failed to shine.

    The action sequences were very flat, the editing was choppy and the visual effects were poorly done.

    Whilst Spider-Man is doing very well with the assistance of Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios and whilst I wasn't particularly fond of the two Venom films (due to the poorly done story and characters), it too is still doing well as the character itself is regarded as one of the most iconic Spidey villains of all time. In addition, the animated Into the Spider-Verse was one of the big surprises that was met with critical acclaim.

    But with Morbius looking set to earn an estimate of $40+ during its first three day run in the box office, it could be impacted by the poor word of mouth plus I believe Cinemascore gave this a C+ rating which doesn't show much promise and with the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Secrets of Dumbledore, the film will be struggling to maintain any further legs going forward.

    This is why after the poor reception of Morbius, it does raise a lot of questions on how Sony will handle their future Spider-Man Cinematic Universe in which I do not have high expectations on Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web as they too could struggle. If Sony and Avi Arad are wise enough they should either do the following options:

    A. Bring in Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige and give them the full creative control quality of their Spider-Man films.

    B. They should consider selling the entire franchise back to Marvel Studios.

    I will say that option A could be the viable choice as they would thrive under the direction of Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige as they had proven to put Spider-Man back on the right track. Option B would only happen if their future Spider-Man spin-off films are struggling and Sony could look to return the rights back to Marvel Studios.
    After watching all of the current seasons of Bunk'd, here is my overall review:

    The first two seasons whilst the story had several fun and entertaining moments, could had done without the use of stereotypes whether this was from Ravi, Jorge, Tiffany and Zuri. However after some of its cast decided not to return from the third season onwards and Lou was the only character to remain since the first season. They drafted in several new characters from Destiny, Finn, Matteo, Gwen, Noah, Ava and Parker throughout the seasons, the issues that I have is that these new characters do not add anything new to the Bunk'd's perspective, felt like they were casted as shadows who shared similar traits with its former characters and rather forgetful.

    As I had stated that Lou was the remaining cast member, I felt that the quirky and funny aspect of her character vanished as the seasons progressed in which the writers somewhat made her in to a rather boring and bland character.

    Overall, I do feel that the first two seasons, some decent performances from its former cast (plus Mallory James Mahoney) were the highlights, it felt like the writing department really needs to find what made Bunk'd so special in the first place.
    Sometimes I do wonder whether or not certain channels learn to do their research before they even tackle a topic?
    Massive congrats to the Wales national football team who are now one win away from qualifying in a World Cup tournament since 1958.

    Still shocked that the Euro 2020 champions Italy stunned by North Macedonia!
    Well, finally decided to give Sonic the Hedgehog the Movie a watch and overall, I would put it on par with Detective Pikachu, but I do feel that Jim Carrey's performance as Dr "Eggman" Robotnik is fun and memorable.
    Saw a video called "Ms. Marvel - How NOT to build a hero", a Disney+ show that hasn't even come out.

    Yet this video made a really poor comparison of the Ms. Marvel trailer with the Iron Man full movie which isn't really the best way to use for analysis and construction. People can have their own opinions on trailers on anything upcoming, but there is no point in jumping to conclusions on something that has not been released as of yet as there are still plenty of aspects that we don't know about and you are not going to get anything else out from the trailers.

    The objective of a trailer is to briefly showcase and highlight what viewers should anticipate and expect within a show without sharing or spoiling of all the details that can ruin everything they want to be shown. Otherwise that will ruin the purpose of a trailer. In comparison, a full film will usually highlight all of the aspects whether this is from telling a compelling origin to discovering their internal struggles and external threats and so forth.

    If you are going to make a trailer comparison with something, make sure you compare it with another trailer and if you are going to compare a full tv show with something, make sure you compare it with another full tv show. That way, you will get a much better idea for analysis and construction.
    My thoughts on the Ms. Marvel trailer:

    Whilst I do feel that it does look pretty good, it is going to be interesting to see how her new powers will work in contrast to its source material and I will wait and see how it is done as soon as the show hits on Disney+ on June 8th.

    My only rant is the amount of hate and racist remarks circulated on the Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan character within social media and Youtube comments.
    So I enjoyed watching Turning Red which was on Disney+ last Friday, but I am actually quite baffled with some of the hate it recieved such as the theme of kids disobeying their parents.

    Had they not watched the likes of the Lion King, Mulan, Little Mermaid, Tangled, Finding Nemo, the Incredibles which also had the same recurring theme?
    Sometimes I really do wonder why certain individuals that spread nothing but hate still have a platform on Youtube.
    If anyone is wondering what I was talking about, I was browsing around to see how the reviews fared for "the Batman" yesterday when I came across this Youtube video review and this review made a racist remarks in regards to seeing black characters being represented well within the film that saw him gained a load of backlash and negative responses.

    He still will not admit his wrongdoing and attempted to play the "victim" card trying to worm his way out of his case, even though the receipt showed every word he said from his very own mouth is already out there.

    This is rather sad as I believe that films are meant to be for everyone to enjoy and to be entertained. Those who do nothing but spread but hate, are not film fans and are just looking for an opportunity to spread division.
    Can't believe that it took a long while for Ash to finally bring out Gengar in the latest episode of the Japanese version Pokemon Journeys. I really thought they had completely forgotten about Gengar!

    I recently watched this episode of Bunk'd on Disney+ and I really do have concerns and questions raised in regards to the casting choice of Tiffany's mother at the time in which I felt this was "whitewashing."
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