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    Official OFFICIAL SUPER-WAVEDASH DISCUSSION! Please Read and Post Here!

    @GoomySmash I'm confused about the boost ball mechanic. First of all I see some posts saying you cant let the joystick pass through neutral. Is that actually a thing? Because I've let that happen and still done it. I've never been able to perform it once in real time but can do it consistently...
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    Pokemon Stadium Tree Glitch?

    Now if anyone could tell me how to aerial super wavedash that would be great, I can do it in frame by frame mode but I cant do it in real time no matter how fast i try to flick the stick
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    Pokemon Stadium Tree Glitch?

    -Stand all the way to the left (you can face either direction) -Joystick angle should be in between bottom right notch and bottom notch, about 5 o clock -Input the wavedash as fast as possible after pressing jump (this is the part i didnt know about forever)...
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    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v4.07 - 7/04/17)

    I'm having problems with the CPU missed tech getups. I can set the CPU to miss tech every time just fine, but when I set the getup attack only to 100, he does both getup attack or getup in place. Am I doing it wrong?
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    Young Link Video Thread

    Because shielding YL projectiles is bad and jumping on platforms/jumping over them is the best option.
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    20XX's new Fox AI vs Falcon

    The new 20XX cpu isnt perfect but it is ok for practicing certain aspects of your game. For example it will dash dance alot and eventually approach you where you are standing. You can use it to help you learn to dashdance back + grab or do retreating nairs in order to hit confirm into grab...
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    Captain Falcon or Fox vs Peach?

    I started playing falcon for peach and I ended up pretty much just switching mains to falcon. If you are going to use a secondary for matchups vs. people around your skill or better, you need to put in ALOT of time. It can't really be a "secondary"
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    Way of continuing Sopo chaingrab once at Ledge.

    Umm, they can't mix up their DI and escape. The chaingrab is guaranteed until like 50.
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    Young Link Video Thread

    I agree with this except against marth. One of my main practice partners is a marth and I do best vs him on FD (by a considerable amount) with YL. He is so big and slow in the air that on FD it is super easy to capitalize off of 1 projectile throw no matter what he does defensively (same goes...
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    What Should I Do After I Get A Grab With Young Link?

    ^you actually can chain grab fast fallers at certain percents. You can grab them out of the air if you hit them with your body part of the grab hitbox (same with samus)
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    Weekday Watchlist 1: The Beginning! Every monday at 7:30 est (aka right now), all of the top players in central florida are normally here. Possibly top 3 or top 5 most stacked weekly in NA
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    Event Preview: Tipped Off 11

    u forgot to mention mrlz for pm
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    Having difficulty getting handoffs

    I learned all the handoffs using d-throw -> shield grab with nana to prevent her from ever crouching. If you want to do it without shield grabbing do d-throw -> jump cancel grab and it won't matter if shes crouching or not
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    D-Throw techchase on fastfallers?

    You can't really react to all options reliably, however if they tech in or away (not in place) you can react to it and should get the regrab every time, if they tech in place it is too risky to go for regrab. However, if you start a tech chase and regrab them because they rolled the first time...
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    Advice on bomb dair?

    One of my favorite cheesy ways to land a bomb that works 99% of the time if the other person isn't used to fighting yink 24/7 (and it still normally lands anyway even if they expect it cuz it's an awkward mechanic), dash backwards from the enemy while ur holding a bomb and then shield. Throw the...
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