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  • wtf i thought u were dead :/
    LOL i just now noticed i was o your friends list...
    i have chess from 8:00 to probably 10:30. Earliest I can play is 11 (more likely 11:20) most likely.
    I`m actually going to drop out of the tournament... my computer sucks (lags, keyboard won`t let me press certain button combinations, and... well, if it`s not annoying for my opponent, it`s definitely annoying for me lol.

    If you want, we could always do a mock set, but you take the win either way.

    In September I'll have access to the university computers again, so I'll be able to take part in tourneys again :)
    Hey, sorry about last night my display drivers got all ****ed up (maybe because I upgraded to win7? idk) anyway everything is in working order now. I'm free every night after 6pm until thursday. Can you play tonight? Lemme knows, ty dood.
    I will be in g64 tomorrow at 8 we can play whenever you're ready then after
    UBER LAG?! my favorite! haha Okay just hit me up when you can play
    Hey we play samus dittos for round 2 wanna play those matches this week? I'll be free every night just get at me
    Yes, I know his SN. I've played him before and got *****..

    Perhaps, I should just say he wins because it's pretty clear to me he would destroy me...
    even thoughh I am a member of boom's clan.....I can't allow this....he has one more day...then he loses automatically and goes into losers.....he also goes online as superboom, not just PpS Superboomfan
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