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Recent content by Degree

  1. Degree

    The Big Question:

    I think there's a few things at play here. One of them is the tier list. It exists for a reason, and the community consensus on roughly where the characters are isn't for no reason. Of course that doesn't mean that by picking up Fox you automatically win every tournament, but it does give you...
  2. Degree

    SKTAR 3 Results - Over 450 Unique Entrants!

    I didn't get to see all of it live, but what I did see was awesome. Melee Doubles Grand Finals was probably the highest level doubles ever seen with probably the top 4 players in the world taking part, and mostly playing on point. Excellent stuff.
  3. Degree

    Help Wavedashing as Peach

    L cancelling is useful for virtually every character, but Peach's float cancel beats it so you will want to incorporate that as much as possible. If you don't know, float cancelling is where you float and do an aerial move and then land. If you try it with fair and compare it to no cancelling...
  4. Degree

    Fight Pitt 4: #FreeGimR #DuckThePolice

    I really enjoyed watching the Youtube videos of this tournament. I don't know the circumstances behind it all, but M2K and Mango battling away while the event was being packed up around them just looked cool.
  5. Degree

    The Big House 3 Results [October 12-13th, 2013 - Ann Arbor, MI]

    So good to see M2K clutch it out against Dr PP and not choke, and then to put in a fairly dominant performance against Hbox twice! Missed the stream unfortunately but thanks to GIMR for his fast uploads!
  6. Degree

    Wobbles the Hero

    Because as others have pointed out in many places, Wobbles played unbelievably well this tournament. The grabs don't come from nothing, especially against the calibre of player that was at EVO. Some of his setups for the grab (using Nana's blizzard, getting Nana to throw an ice block to force...
  7. Degree

    EVO 2013 Melee Info Dump! - FINAL DAY: TOP 8 STARTING AT NOON: http://www.twitch.tv/srkevo1

    The problem with the commentary is that one of the best commentators in the world for this game is still in the tournament, waiting in grand finals. :P
  8. Degree

    EVO 2013 Melee Info Dump! - FINAL DAY: TOP 8 STARTING AT NOON: http://www.twitch.tv/srkevo1

    The last set of people in losers, whether Hbox or M2K completes that part of the bracket, is ridiculous.
  9. Degree

    Nintendo Tried Shutting Down Entire Melee Event?

    Indeed. Not to mention the anger from everyone who paid hard earned money to travel from far and wide (in some cases) to attend the event to discover it was shut down at the last minute. It's unfortunate but when a company gets so big, it almost invariably loses track of the fact that the...
  10. Degree

    EVO 2013 Melee Info Dump! - FINAL DAY: TOP 8 STARTING AT NOON: http://www.twitch.tv/srkevo1

    I think he's trolling, but it's so poor that I can't tell. Looking forward to tomorrow!
  11. Degree

    VaNz Stuff.. about Peach (Tactical Discussion)

  12. Degree

    Official Apex 2013 Results Thread | Jan 11-13, 2013 | New Brunswick NJ

    Shoutouts to those running the streams, watching tons of Melee action was awesome. M2K playing really well to get to 3rd (even if Mango was a bit off his game) and congrats to Armada for somehow winning. I don't know how he beat Dr PP as it looked like PP was outplaying him for a large portion...
  13. Degree

    VaNz Stuff.. about Peach (Tactical Discussion)

    rofl. Unorthadox but effective.
  14. Degree

    VaNz Stuff.. about Peach (Tactical Discussion)

    Here is his match with Scar, I think he's got some other matches somewhere in that video too but that was the one that was getting tons of crowd reaction.
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