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Recent content by Deathorse

  1. Deathorse

    I got 33rd at GOML not 49th :)

    I got 33rd at GOML not 49th :)
  2. Deathorse

    Official 4BR Tier List v2.0 - Competitive Impressions

    Someone just showed me this, even though I'm kinda late on it. DarkAura only has one win on me at Canada Cup, the other time I faced him, Nexus 2016, I won. Oh yeah and you misspelled my tag
  3. Deathorse

    Meta The Psychic Log: Mewtwo's Metagame Discussion

    Alright buddy, since you seem to assume so many things with my one sentence I made on a 140 letters caps, let me explain. I will agree with you that Mewtwo has superior air mobility over Cloud. However, "using his move that makes him land anywhere" and taking a dash attack to the face won't...
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