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    Official Smash Evo Qualifier: Zenith 2013 - Ft. Melee, 64 and... - June 1st, 2013 - Morristown, NJ

    I kind of miss playing. I might actually come to this because it's close.
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    Melee Gecko Codes + Guide and Discussion

    Can you make the C-stick work for aerials in 1 player mode? Would be nice to be able to use training mode effectively.
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    Rutgers Maylay (Change of Venue)

    You would host this on a weekend I already have plans. I've been waiting like 2 years for a low tier tourny and it's on a weekend I'm busy :(
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    TCNJ smash

    I live fairly close... about a 20 minute drive. Though it will be a bit before I can because my car is basically done for and I'm in the process of getting a new one. I play Fox, Falco, Puff, and whoever else I feel like using... including low tiers.
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    COMBOED ON SPAWN - Signups @ 6:30pm

    I changed my mind when I saw how far it is
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    How late will this go? Depending on how far it is for me I may come for friendlies later since I work.
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    COMBOED ON SPAWN - Signups @ 6:30pm

    Some other side event perhaps? I may actually feel like going but not just for Smash 64. I am somewhat in the mood to play right now. Though damn, unlimited Bubble Bobble AND Double Dragon? That could keep me busy perhaps. Though man, why does nobody have a Double Dragon 2 arcade cabinet...
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    Comboed On Arrival III Results! - 7/6/2012 - Red Bank, NJ

    Wow, large turnout. Maybe I should have gone to this, lost to Smellycat again and got dominated in Ultimate MK3. Actually, this time I'll bust out the Zelda and it'll be over. kick > sword :D
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    SSBM & UMK3 - Comboed On Arrival III - 6:30pm

    Of course I'm salty but yeah, still probably not going lol. Friday night + the fact that I'm semi-retired = 0 chance
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    SSBM & UMK3 - Comboed On Arrival III - 6:30pm

    Ultimate MK3? Legit... but on a 360 controller? Eww... iso a snes controller
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    Zenith 2012 - Apex 2013 Qualifier!

    Looking forward to this. Been like a year since I played.
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    NJ Smashers

    There are plenty of players on the boards from Jersey. Depends on where you live though, and also you should probably specify Melee or Brawl.
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    Any smashers in Central NJ?

    I'm around that area, there's also Smelly Cat who lives in Somerset county I believe
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