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  • Btw letting you know, you wouldn't get dominated by parking.

    There is a lot next to the Church that I will possibly get as a venue, for parking.

    So yeah, there you go. : D
    I posted this in the No Johns thread but just incase *shrugs*

    Do you have any space in your car? Or think it'd be possible to go to Newark to pick me and possibly Nando up?
    yo come over my house. i dont live far from jersey (this is lunarnova btw)

    nothing is happening the entire weekend lol
    Ok so update, I got half of MD/VA comin over tomorrow so yea you should definitely come down :).

    I'd say plan to arrive in the later half of the day because its very likely no one will be here early in the day.... Unless you don't mind playing me for like 9 hrs I mean =3
    Hey dude, are you still planning to come over? And I got MD/VA possibly wanting to come over so you definitely should =3
    Hey. Lunarnova IS coming to spoc, and he said he's up for teams with ya. Just lettin u know. Peace.
    ok. ill train you son. maybe we can smash again tomorrow same time. let me know if you can and ill let you know as well.
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