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Recent content by Deathgazer

  1. Deathgazer

    Falco combo video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5wisdiC_co This is a combo/ movement video I compiled over two separate days of smash. The first being friendlies during a tournament Smashers Reunion in Norway and the second being friendlies and tournament games in Smash Ain't Dead in England. All footage was...
  2. Deathgazer

    Smash Ain't Dead II - March 23rd, 2013 - Croydon

    im more or less confirmed DEATHGAZER
  3. Deathgazer

    Where most of the UK Community are!!!

    http://www.facebook.com/groups/110893192329962/?ref=ts we usually annouce things/updates on there so just let people know where you are so you can organise some smash
  4. Deathgazer

    Smashers' Reunion : Melee Grande - Results & Shoutouts

    was a really good tournament and I reallly enjoyed my first time travelling abroad for smash.m Good games to everyone i played. i'll do shououts later when I get home xD
  5. Deathgazer

    Smashers' Reunion : Melee Grande - RESULTS THREAD IS UP NOW! (Road to Apex)

    yeh i decided to not smoke. dont really want to cause trouble in other countries tbh xD
  6. Deathgazer

    Smashers' Reunion : Melee Grande - RESULTS THREAD IS UP NOW! (Road to Apex)

    hey, any 420 users able to help me and another UK smasher buy some green from norway? please contact me on http://www.facebook.com/DEATHGAZER because il be going into london tonight and leaving from there on monday so I can only really use facebook. much appreciated. :]
  7. Deathgazer

    Where most of the UK Community are!!!

    I havnt even been in the community in the last 7 months. and im still doing alright :)
  8. Deathgazer

    Smashers' Reunion : Melee Grande - RESULTS THREAD IS UP NOW! (Road to Apex)

    yeeee im confirmed. I havnt really been on the boards or tournaments lately. Cant wait for thisss :]
  9. Deathgazer

    POSTPONED Big Ol Leicester Tournament! September 2012 - Hosted by Fuzzyness

    interested but yeh, can't you move it a little earlier? cos its quite near exam time.
  10. Deathgazer

    Possible Big Leicester Upcoming Tournament!

    interested, but depends when im on holiday though. sounds good =]
  11. Deathgazer

    London 'Out of Con'Trolls' Tournament - 14th January MELEE + BRAWL

    fortune cookie, MM me aswel. I might need housing preferably not from someone in Tesco cos theyre the only people I play against xD, but yeh i need to check my jan exam timetables
  12. Deathgazer

    Help me out!

    I don't even listen to this kinda music usually... but this is really good. :)
  13. Deathgazer

    Smash UK Discussion Thread - Check first post for tournaments, facebook info and videos!

    phantom hits 3, thats what we need
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