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  • I main Ganon in melee because of his fair, lol. But I want to get better with Ness... but he's just so bad...

    You seem like a pretty cool dude. :cool:
    Yo man facebook isn't workng for me, in on bishops rise in a friends halls, I havnt got a mob so call his number and let's play some games!! 07540380323
    Does it cost you much to travel to london? I wanna play again this week I just need to find out what days people have off college/uni etc.
    lol yeah, i'd only played against ganon like 3/4 times before, my m8 said i looked really outta my depth. now mario can 0-death combo marth ganon and falco cpus :)

    i tihnk theers another smashfest on the 2nd which ill go. u should come also, and theres a huge event in harrow that im definatly attending. any others are on, let me know! i love smash!!
    Mario main, but i can also use falco, fox, jiggs, ctp.F, roy, yoshi, IC, Link and beginning to use ness. i still think mario is the best there.. mario and falco have technicality which is unrivaled, how bout u

    and.. for knocking me out of the tournament.. next time i will be having bird for dinner!!
    not too bad cheers mate
    u live in milton keynes? ! and come down every month for the tourney!!?

    u shud see my mario now.. sweet how tournaments make u step up
    Well anythings fine with me, my mums said its cool if i have ppl round that day so if you lot wanna come round mine, its fine. I dont mind going whereever you're going if you guys are going TCs or fuzzys or sumthing
    Hmm 20th, a day after my last exam so should be ok, have you already planned to go somewhere to play or would you like me or one of my crewmates to host something?
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