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  • Hi, I am organizing a Sheik discussion group over Skype.
    If you got this then you are invited.

    Basically we will have different topics and then discuss them. The chat will be recorded and put on youtube. There any new Sheiks can watch the video's and they will hopefully get to know Sheik better and its community a little better.
    If you are interested please respond.
    Lol, I almost forgot about that. I didn't bring my Wii to college, so I won't be able to get your replays. Check with Saviors. I bet he would be willing to upload your replays.
    Ok, I have added you. If for some reason you can't send it, then we might have to be online at the same time.
    Cool. No problem, I didn't mind waiting. I won't be able to add you right now, though. I'm out of town until late Saturday or early Sunday. I'll tell you when I have added you.

    By the way, after I get the replay, where do you want it posted?
    My friend code is: 5455-9080-9574 and the name should be BILLY.

    To send replays, I think we also need to exchange our Wii console code. Mine is: 5909-3887-4208-8055. To find yours, start up your Wii and click the message board. Then click create new message. Click the address book and you Wii console code should be there. To register mine, just click register from the address page and click the Wii. But, if you don't need to do this to send replays, then just ignore this paragraph. XD

    Lol, you've been gone for a while.
    Hey, do you have a vid on how to use the chain or a replay of you using the chain effectively during a match?
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