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    Snake Advice

    You can punish dash dancing with dash attack or you can face away from them and pop a grenade out if they're just waiting for you to make a move. It comes out on frame 1 behind Snake, if they try to hit you from behind it's very likely they'll blow it up. Space them with safe moves like d-tilt...
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    What's your Snake strategy?

    Grenade when the pressure is necessary, duck under any stray hitboxes for certain characters (against wolf's laser this is pretty necessary). I'll approach with a grenade behind me if I note they're throwing a lot of stray hitboxes and try to force it to explode. retreating f-air is nice when I...
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    Characters that do well with Snake in doubles?

    Any fast character like the electric mice (Pikachu & Pichu) to cover Snake's slowass helps, in my experience. C4 is a fun tool on doubles. Sometimes sticking your partner on purpose can be a useful way to secure KOs. Just don't blow up your partner, or if you do at least make sure it gets the...
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    Good times to Down B?

    This is correct. Reminds me of landing with Ryu's focus attack, except you can hold it and it won't break after one hit. I don't think it should even be used in the ground that often... It can still be punished with grabs just like any other counter or super armor move, even if you use it in...
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    Early Joker Frame Data (and other data)

    He's kinda slow with some moves huh? He has a lot of endlag on F-air; do it out of a full hop and try to double jump after the animation finishes... I can't. It doesn't auto-cancel out of a short-hop either. N-air is also slow on startup. Then again, I love his b-air (that hitbox is great) and...
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    I Choose You! A Pokémon Trainer Matchup Thread!

    I'm not a poke main, but I noticed; In the second stock you should have switched to Ivysaur, considering Mario was at ~55% and you got him to about 98%, that's prime time for Ivysaur to set up a kill. As Charizard I noticed that you didn't do U-smash much OoS and went for D-smash more, even...
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    Snake MU Thread

    Historically, bad MUs for Snake in Brawl were Meta Knight and Marth. Both sword characters that abused his disadvantage state. It makes sense why Ivysaur is such a problem too; she's got swordlike range with a big meaty hitbox. Some notes I have on the matchup: Regardless of starting Pokemon...
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    I Choose You! A Pokémon Trainer Matchup Thread!

    No idea on Fly, but Flare Blitz is a fire element move and Nikita is an explosive, so it makes sense why Flare Blitz will blow it up. Perhaps with Fly it has to do with where the hitboxes are placed and Snake is hitting Zard's hurt box directly Good summary of the MU. Historically Snakes worst...
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    Follow me on Empires & Puzzles as well:

    Follow me on Empires & Puzzles as well:
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    I Choose You! A Pokémon Trainer Matchup Thread!

    I think Pokemon Trainer beats Snake pretty convincingly. 2/3 of his pokemon, Squirtle and Ivysaur, are problematic for the mercenary. Squirtle has a relatively easy time comboing him due to his weight and fall speed class, so long as the combo is true Snake can't pull out grenades to escape...
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    How to dragdown Fair for Jablocks?

    fast-fall on the second hit. if you push down too early, it won't work. They can tech it too, although that can be punished as well if you read correctly. Tech in place just Usmash or Dsmash in place or use another d-tilt (low percent range, 30% or lower) or U-tilt (mid-percent range, between...
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    Best to Worst Legal Stages for Fox, and Why?

    ^ that one for sure. I don't really like Smashville either if the moving platform is turned on (i.e. hazards on) because it creates potential for brutal edge guards against Fox. Without hazards I think Smashville is fairly neutral. Fox likes Battlefield for the platform combos, they let you...
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    is Fox considered better than other spacies?

    After a couple months, and as of version 2.0.2 This is the general consensus: Fox ~ Wolf > Falco :ultfalco: Often, I see Falco being used in tournaments, and placed in the high tier area from early tier lists by high to top level players. The consensus is that Falco is definitely not the...
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    Young Link Metagame Thread

    a bit off-topic, but I'm a bit sad they took out his d-air and d-tilt spike spots from Melee. That fire spike would've been really cool to have in this game.
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    Yink secondaries

    spaced Z-air (hookshot in the air) is good to stuff their approaches and keep them at bay. I think Fox is a good Yink secondary myself, may be biased but I think he does well or goes even against all FE characters