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    Pit ressurects again, Smash for Switch

    Special request:
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    Why an ARMS Rep is such a Big Deal

    When this ARMS character is released, can a Pit main please team up with them in Doubles? You can call your team ArmPit for short.
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    Fighter’s Pass Vol. 2 Potentially Delayed Due to Coronavirus

    I can't say I'm surprised to hear this. Sucks. No other way to put it; it just sucks. Development can technically still be done at home if the company chooses to allow their departments to do so. But there's other factors at play here too -- for starters, paying someone in a financially...
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    Take Number 5 - the singing Pokemon takes stage! Jigglypuff Discussion

    It's sad that Jigglypuff got treated better by Sakurai than by Game Freak. I mean... At least she's in all Smash Bros games. Can't say the same for all main Pokemon games though (This is in regards to Sword and Shield info we know now)
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    Social Swaggin' On 'Em - The Luigi Thread

    Hi Luigi fans, mains, secondaries and pockets! I hope you're enjoying Halloween holiday coming up :) I made a polterpup jack o'lantern to celebrate the holiday AND Luigi's Mansion 3 being released tomorrow. Sharing here for all to see!
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    Snake MU Thread

    I don't think it's bad myself. Some of the Snake players think it's even though, because of range. But I think Snake has the advantage because grenades outcamp him and he's easy to hit.
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    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    That is great to hear that the buffs were not just overhype. On another topic; I think Joker's S tier, but recently I've heard complaints, mostly from spectators and low level players, saying MKLeo is carried by him (I won't link, but it's easy to find these posts in Twitter). Which is beyond...
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    Data SSBU Tournament Results Summer Smash School #1 (London Ontario, 45 entrants) 1. Burst :ultinkling: | :ultyoshi: 2. Slime :ultbowserjr: 3. Advo :ultdarksamus: | :ultgnw: 4. Xtra :ultbowser: 5. Siderius :ultjoker: 5. Blitz :ultike: 7...
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    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    Lol I was gonna say how the heck does she lose against Bowser... she can keep him out while building damage and she has pretty guaranteed setups to KO him, even the U-throw -> U-air has a larger range on him where it's guaranteed than most characters
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    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    I don't see this character very often but one of the Bowser Jr. :ultbowserjr:players who is getting votes from Canada to go to GLITCH on Twitter is Slime. I'm on the bandwagon now too lol. Slime got 2nd at a local in London ON (the other London) just this past week, including a win over Advo...
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    Snake MU Thread

    Somethin nasty one of the Bowsers in my area does is grab Snake holding grenade and d-throw, it explodes the grenade but Bowser is still in the throw animation so he gets no damage, and he can follow up with an aerial. Just something to look out for ;)
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    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    The traps with bombs are the scary thing I find with Samus. They may not look very different but the more instant explosion time they have when touched (compared to S4) makes a big difference.
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    Be honest, can all characters succeed at the HIGHEST LEVEL OF PLAY?

    Short answer: No. But that doesn't mean you should play a character you don't have fun with. Also being a top player is very difficult, I don't think everyone can do it either. That's a lot of time and dedication to a game, for not a lot of reward in the end unless you make it very big. The...
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    Social Outer Heaven - Kept You Waiting Huh?! Snake Social Thread

    New smash character, Chibi-Link lol :D
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    Does ZSS have any weaknesses?

    So taking the feedback in this thread, I've noted that if you overcommit then ZSS can rule the matchup, with her better range and superior movement. But if you bait her into relying on her grab or committing herself to an aerial, her weaknesses are more pronounced. Makes sense to me :)
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