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Recent content by Dart!

  1. Dart!

    Any Peoria IL smashers?

    Hey, feel free to text me at 309-696-5934 or hit me up on Facebook because smashboards sucks. My name is Josh Nienhueser
  2. Dart!

    Melee PAL Tier List Released

    This one is so bad
  3. Dart!

    Tier List Speculation

    Wolf, Ike, Falcon, sheik to name a few in my opinion. With grab armor, no invincibility on shine and with how silly hitstun/throw distances are currently in PM fox can be countered by good players that aren't fox johners.
  4. Dart!

    Tier List Speculation

    That's just asking to get kidnapped I'm serious about fox. No way in a game where more characters are insanely powerful AND fox is super nerfed is he the best character.
  5. Dart!

    Tier List Speculation

    Fox too high
  6. Dart!

    (Updated 5/6/15) Midwest North 2015 Circuits Melee, PM Sm4sh (WI/MN/NE/IA/MO/CO/KS/IL)

    If Indiana is too far east for a Midwest circuit then it isn't a Midwest circuit. I'm sensing some bias
  7. Dart!

    The Marth Killer...against other characters

    Revival of melee
  8. Dart!

    Data Kadano's perfect Marth class -- advanced frame data application

    Does port priority affect any of the chaingrabs?
  9. Dart!

    Midwest [Oct 28, 2015] Wavedash Wednesday (Oak Park, IL)

    Wasn't a fan of the split, I missed all my melee homies
  10. Dart!

    Midwest [Mar 27, 2015] Roll Tier V: 3 day national event with now $1,000+ Pot Bonus (Bellevue, NE)

    If its multiple days then I can't go at all. Oh well
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