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    Is K rool more than just a noob crusher?

    Low tier in the current meta? Probably yes, but we can’t be sure on the evolution of the meta. Slow characters have always been bad, if you play krool it’s because it is fun to play not because you want to win tournaments. I am a melee player myself, I’m playing ulti until it’s fun to play, and...
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    any troubling matchups so far?

    I do not have experience with *good* Macs, but remember you have projectiles, a shield, a counter, and grabs. If you are having trouble you just have to stick to your mind that once Mac is airborne you need to rack as much damage as possible, and whenever he is offstage you *have to* kill.
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    Social King K. Rool's Kremling Kutthroats: This...Is Our Finest Hour!

    This is a very good question and I do not have an answer. The risk of getting caught in a grab are high, especially if it is timed perfectly. As far as I know there is no safe option on shield when coming from the air (I like nair approaches too...) so what you should do would either be: -...
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    Media Talk Bad, Look Bad, Be Bad: A King K. Rool Video Kompendium

    I am sorry this is totally off topic, but... you are saying you can legit save the replays as videos on your SD, then take it off from the switch, plug it in your computer and see the video? Or are you forced to use a capture card? I promise if I figure this out I will post some videos hah
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    any troubling matchups so far?

    I had some troubles against a Ness. I just won once over a set of 7-10 matches. I didn't know his forward smash was able to reflect projectiles. He wasn't strong and was using sub-optimal moves (neutral b), but he was damn fast and I couldn't really do anything. I was basically combo food the...
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    Krool is big and slow, thus it’s basically combo food. The trick is not getting comboed, so you have to improve your neutral game and approaches. You should bait more and get baited less. Neutral game is character agnostic as some other stuff you have to learn, as somebody has pointed out...
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    stages with platforms are K.Rool's worst enemy....

    Thanks, I will try to play it on training a little and get used to platform control. Having not so many options when on a platform means we have to be particularly good when on platforms and know our weaknesses as krool mains.
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    is K Rool broken?

    Heavies have never been top/high tier because they are combo food and do not have the appropriate kit to deal with fast moving and small characters. Unforunately krool has very slow startup moves so comboing him is pretty easy (you can’t place nairs here and there to stop a combo, you can...
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    stages with platforms are K.Rool's worst enemy....

    I am not a fan of juggling with upair to be honest, I come from melee and I still have to get used to the mechanics of landing. I would really love to see frame data and hitboxes, I am curious to see the coverage up air has.
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    King K Rool GSP Thread

    For your info I just unlocked elite and it was at around 1,818,000 gps andabout 65% win rate (30/46). I also was coming from a 7-win streak. If you still need to unlock elite then that’s probably where is is sitting right now. I currently am sitting at 1,830k
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    Why Did You Decide to Main King K. Rool?

    I played it and it was fun. I am a melee sheik main and used sheik in smash4 too (even though I never trained for that game). I found the lack of killing options very frustrating. Krool has very nice setups, high survivability, and even if it is slow and combo food it is still fun to play.
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    stages with platforms are K.Rool's worst enemy....

    What’s the upthrow kill option? The up throw up b ladder?
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    any troubling matchups so far?

    Any suggestion to play against projectile-heavy characters? I found it difficult to play against the belmonts but also megaman. The heavy spam and the slow startup of krool moves makes it difficult to use the super armor to pass through. Using projectiles is so slow that by the time we throw...
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    stages with platforms are K.Rool's worst enemy....

    Quicker characters and projectile heavy characters are a nightmare for krool, more so if they are able to use platforms to their advantage. The issue I see when playing krool on such stages (correct me if I am wrong) is that krool doesn’t really have any good and quick option to pull out when on...
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    any troubling matchups so far?

    On our Saturday launch tournament I ended up only losing against a Sonic both in winner and loser bracket (the same Sonic, duh). I had a hard time adapting his style. Even though the said player is not a champ and was abusing certain Sonic mechanics (I come from Melee, played some S4 but that's...
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