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    Explosive Flame: And how it functions.

    It is, most definitely, not based on the amount of time the stick is held in that direction. I found ways to buffer it to test your theory out, and it doesn't hold up.
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    I'm not seeing Explosive Flame enough

    y'all are underestimating EF.
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    Q&A SSBU Mechanics & Techniques General

    Heh. You can waveland this. Dip through then slide on the plat. I think that's actually pretty useful.
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    Isaac for DLC - One day. Some day. Golden Sunday.

    List me as a supporter plz. Isaac for SSB4! kthnxbai.
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    Q&A The Barracks - Robin Q&A Thread [ASK GAMEPLAY QUESTIONS HERE]

    Arcthunder creates a situation where you limit the opponents options, especially when it's shielded. It's a vital tool for both finding enemy habits and explioting them.
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    Robin and SSB4 Advance Movement Techniques

    I disagree with this statement. Perfect Pivot is good on Robin as it gives nigh infinite options out of a foxtrot if we need to cover space. Pivot jab, ftilt, and Thunders (all except Thoron) are all beneficial for spacing, stuffing approaches, and being an all around nuisance. Movement options...
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    Q&A The Barracks - Robin Q&A Thread [ASK GAMEPLAY QUESTIONS HERE]

    I meant garbage as in it doesn't match the animation. **Edit Yeah, your hitbox display is correct. My bad. Anyways, It's one of the silly "Why not just have the animation match it" things, like Ftilt. Ftilt is dumb about that too.
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    Q&A The Barracks - Robin Q&A Thread [ASK GAMEPLAY QUESTIONS HERE]

    Up tilt is garbage. The hitbox at max range does not start until the blade goes diagonally up, so any character Mario's height and shorter, it will whiff when they are grounded. There is also some funky hitbox in the middle of the blade, however, that will hit those Mario's height and shorter...
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    Toph to commentate Melee Top 8 at Apex 2015 with D1

    Congratulations to Toph, although I am highly disappointed by the method of which he was chosen. Bullying people? Oh melee community.
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    Robin, Foxtrot, and you.

    Maybe. Who knows. I just use it to get around now and need to work a bit harder on pivoting to cancel it. The full run is really slow and, even with shield cancelling, just doesn't feel very effective unless i'm up against Link or Samus. And also, you can do things like perfect pivoting out of...
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    Q&A "Worthy Opponents Indeed!" - Match-up Q&A Thread

    Alright, as far as match-ups go, here's my amateur player 2 cents. "No problem. Let's go!": Greninja Olimar Shulk Ike Sheik Sonic Little Mac Marth Lucina Wii Fit Trainer King Dedede Meta Knight Lucario Charizard Donkey Kong Zero Suit Samus Rosalina and Luma Luigi Bowser Wario Ganondorf Zelda...
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    Hitstun: Any confirmed formulas yet?

    Just out of curiousity, are there any confirmed hitstun calculations? I haven't really seen any despite looking, but I might just be blind.
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    Got A Friend Who's New To Smash? Here Are Some Pointers

    I'm not salty at all. I just saw the majority of the comments towards the video were quite rude. You're pretending like i've singled your post out. Heck, I didn't even quote ya.. Remember, the comment section doesn't consist of just Dark Lady replying to Warriorman222
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    Got A Friend Who's New To Smash? Here Are Some Pointers

    Something tells me all of you nerds have not seen many new players/kids play. They use a lot of c-stick, and (with Kirby/Pikachu) a lot of down+b. They can go entire matches doing just that. And it's a great way for BEGINNERS to start. 'omfg y he no cver up+B facking moreon so bad' to you...
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    Raziek's Robin Research Room & Repository (Moveset, Mechanics & Frame Data!)

    Thanks for the thread move. Wasn't thinking and my phone was almost dead. :P Can confirm that not much has been adjusted beyond the third jump nerf. And even that move is fairly niche.
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