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Dark Kakashi
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  • Nothing much, just getting done with Finals next Wednesday and playing Smash. How have you been dude? I haven't seen or heard from you since MLG Columbus.
    And one more thing. Would there be somewhere my dad or who ever drives me there can wait? Just wondering, dont mean to bother you so much lol
    Yo at that up coming tourney on saturday is that at your house? or is it at some type of venue?
    Hey!!! Can U call me??? I'm in Chicago but A.) I don't have the internet and B.) Quik17 won't answer his phone :-(

    (954)618-9548 I really wanna get some smashing in!!! and I'm down to come to the tourney on sat!!!!
    Lol da sooner da better!!! 26th eh? I'm there!!! and I wanna head 2 da 1 in Wintrop but I need a ride. Can u send me a link wen u post ur tourney 4 the 26th?
    YO!!! I'm comin home 2 Chicago 4 da break n I'm tryina see if I can do some smashin w/ people in da city while I'm there!!!
    Yo, I'm going to PM you the new PR thread like at 6-7, so make sure to update it when you get it
    mike, call box 7 haha, bo x 7, and tell them (him and hiz cuzo uf0) i said to come with you to the tournament today. i know they really wanna go and i'm sure they'll have the gas money available.
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