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Dark Hart
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  • I'm gonna go to this soon bro, no worries. It's just tough when my parents say (wait a month cuz of that gas you spent on Jubilee" and stuff.

    I'll try to critique you Sunday for sure(going to Hickory tomorrow lol). Definately Sunday though.
    yeah i do, 2nd is where it's at.

    shortest lunch for everyone but seniors, too awesome
    Thanks man, just keep my Wii and I'll most likely come and get it on Friday. I'm a bit busy with school right now so I don't have much time until the weekend hits.
    XD, I'd be pissed at Savage more then mitsu lol. You gotta admit though, from a comical standpoint, it was ****ing hilarious.
    Alright, I'm gonna hold you to that, that tourney helped me alot, I found a char that I can somewhat hang with you guys with. (you can thank savage for that.)
    Good attitude man.

    I'm extremely picky lol. That's why I've gotten as good as I have at Smash after all. I guess I have to do this video thing eventually huh? Maybe I'll do it now. Maybe...
    I'm speaking from experience when I say this: don't expect to get any praise for your match. It will be hard critique and some tough/blunt words from others. Take it all to improve yourself and work hard.

    Tough man love aside, mine too lol. Only I never play Fox usually. You saw that I easily can, but I'm better at comboing with Falco. LaZors son!
    If you're absolutely sure....that's cool then. I'm either gonna do them tonight or tomorrow sometime. I'll let you know when. I'm gonna make a thread eventually with all of my halfway decent Melee videos in them, so I have some projects to get finished like soon lol. School is tooooo close.
    I wasn't at STYKz and probably won't make it to jubilee. Most NC tournaments are too far away to go to but I still tend to at least consider going.
    VA+Team LoZR/Ali will make that verrrrry tough for us lol. We'll need to do looot's of teamwork though. Double Falco won't cut it lol.

    I have a full setup, so 5$ for me I guess. Glad there isn't an extra fee lol.

    I'm bringing a Wii, TV, cube, with Melee/Brawl and some controllers.

    Also, I'll just call you when I have like an hour left cuz I'm gonna try to leave at 7:00-7:30 and I don't wanna wake you up aight?
    Lol good. This is gonna sound insane, but I'm not crazy about pizza, but I'll cross that bridge when I have to. Maybe I'll eat it to save some of that cash. Also, what's the diff between the entrance fee and venue fee?

    Win Brawl singles? I'll have what you're having bro. Chu Dat is still awesome, Tope is an adult lol, and G Reg is pretty good too I think. Not to mention Ali is still tough(probably can Meta Gay him though), and Karn will be a very tough opponent as well. I'd actually be happy to place honestly. Still, your confidence inspires me, so I hope I can do it lol. I feel like I should've practiced some more now lol.

    Melee team? I'll see how good you've gotten first aight? I is short on dat cash and...you know what? This is friggin Jubilee, so yeah, I'll team with you!
    Got another question lol: What are we doing about food while there? Can I bum a few meals off of you, or are we eating out every meal? I'm not loaded after all lol.
    Your real name is really Lucas? That's pretty cool lol. Glad I finally found that out. Thanks for the info bro. I had the address right whew.
    Dark Hart, I thought I was goin out of my way to pick you up before going to Karn's lol. You live like 18 minutes from him! It's about 3.5 hours from my place to yours(ughhhhh), so I'll give you a call before I leave so you'll know when to expec me ok? Could I have your number/address(to comfrim I guess lol) over PM as well?
    I'm not gonna going to make any promises, but I will absolutely try to be there (16th right?). I have my license now, but their is still the gas concern and keeping that day clean (ugh).
    Darn it, Twitch tells me everthing too late lol. Now I'd better tell Ali to nvm bout it then cuz I think everyone has a Brawl partner now. By all means, check out his Diddy! Maybe you can help him out a little before Jubilee.
    No prob. Hey, Twitch said that he really wanted to team with you in Brawl. How does a double Diddy team sound lol. It is kind of dependant on whether Ali still has an opening for me though, so you may not be totally cleared for it yet. I'll let you know as I know something ok?
    Hmmmm, how close are you to Karn's? Actually, I'll just check cuz I have your address anyways. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to anyhow, but I'll get back 100% on that later on.
    I will be back just in time for it. Still working on my techs though, feel a bit too sloppy to compete seriously at the moment. But I might go just for the spectacle.
    that would be saturday., sunday i have church in the morning, but it could also be moved to saturday night if need be.
    Would it be easier for you if I played at Karn's? If that would be easier on your parents, then I'll do that. I don't care which place I stay at because smash is smash. I just want to be as little of a burden as possible.
    Hey man, I just found out that after i move in, I am not required to stay at state, so im thinkin that i might be able to get done really early and make the tourney? im gonna go look at the tourney times now.
    Alright man. I had a question...but I don't remember right now lol.

    Anyways, IHOP huh? Waffles for me!!! That time at STYKs IHOP was part of the best time I'd ever had in my life, real talk.
    Lol whups. Cool then man. I guess we'll just head out from Karn's to your house that night then?
    Awwww...Chozen is too good.

    Anyways, no pressure, but I'd like to know 100% fairly soon bro, so I can notify Karn if I'm going to stay with him or not. I don't want to put any unecessary strain on you guys if I can help it.
    Actually, LoZR took them so that he could show them to his crew, and ZIO wanted to see them, and ZIO needed the material for the combo video(there's plenty of potnetial lol). He said that he'll let me know when they go up though, so I'll pass it along.
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