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    Video Game Characters Most Deserving To Be In

    I'm all for Billy and Jimmy. Battletoads, too, if they weren't with Microsoft now. I don't know what you mean by Dragon Ball Z vibes, as I've never played that. I think that Dixie Kong deserves a spot on the roster. I'm having a hard time thinking of many other characters, though. I feel like...
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    Different Colors for Each Outfit

    I'd like Sakurai flesh out the outfits and colors for each character in Smash Ultimate. We know that what we've seen so far isn't final as Ridley wasn't playable with his Meta Ridley skin, so at this point anything is possible. I'd like to see a lot more characters have different outfits...
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    A mode where every Stock was a different character.

    I'm going to guess that the whole reason why we're going to have to pay to play online for the Switch is to support the servers for Smash Bros. Ultimate.
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    Masterpieces will return in Ultimate??????

    Well, even if they did it this way, I don't think it should be only boss battles. I was just listing examples that would include playable characters from Smash that aren't playable in their own respective games. I also think it would be nice to have multiple scenes from each game to play as, but...
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    Masterpieces will return in Ultimate??????

    I think it would be cool if, instead of timed demos of each game, it would give you a certain part of a game to play. Examples: Super Mario 64 - The first battle with Bowser. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Battle with Ganondorf toward the end on top of Ganon's Castle. Super Metroid - First...
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    Stage Builder: Ideas and Improvements

    I prefer Brawl's style over the Wii U version's. I didn't really like drawing the stages. So, make it like Brawl's, but with more objects, decorations, themes, etc. Ideally it would have at least one theme for each series with a fighter, but that might be too much. Water and lava would be cool, too.
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    Switch Smash: A new kind of Team Battle

    I would prefer a mode where each stock is a different character. I'm surprised that hasn't happened yet (aside from Smash Tour) considering how huge the roster is now.
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    If Palutena's Guidance does not return, what do you think would replace it?

    I would say the Squid Sisters, but you bring up a good point about the gibberish. So far the dialogue has all been voice acted, which helps so you can listen while still playing which is something you wouldn't be able to do if you had to read the dialog. I'd like for Snake to come back...
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    Two Final Smashes?

    You know what was too much work? Coming up with 8 custom moves for 58 different characters. This, to me, seems a bit more feasible. Also, either the up+b final smash could raise the player up, or it could be a risk while holding the Smash ball and once someone grabs it everyone will want to...
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    Two Final Smashes?

    How about four final smashes? Neutral, Forward, Up and Down? Neutral could be close range and forward could be long range.
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    Bosses in Smash Switch?

    I'd rather have an Adventure Mode than a Story Mode myself, but either one would be better than nothing. I'd like an Adventure Mode kind of like in Melee with a boss battle at the end of each world. Have one world per game series, then each world will have as many stage as the game has...
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    Custom Moves: How to fix

    How about instead of custom moves the way they are now (12 "new" special attacks for each character), we customize their standard attacks instead? For each move (Attack, Forward Tilt, Forward Smash, etc.) you could have a slider adjusting the speed / strength of the move. You could then save...
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    K. Rool's Kremling Kutthroats: PM BKupa666 for an Invite to the New K. Rool Thread

    Surely with King K. Rool getting so many votes for Smash, Nintendo will realize that people want K. Rool in DKC, too. I hope both happens.
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    Nintendo News - E3 2015 Digital Direct Recap Edition

    This is why Nintendo needs better third party support, to help carry them when they're in a dry spell.
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    Who wants a new Adventure mode!?

    New Stages - How can you have DLC and not have new stages? Tournament Mode - Already been confirmed, so it better be coming. Online Tournaments - It's been confirmed for online, too, right? Like Mario Kart 8? I hope so. Lucas - Already been confirmed and will actually be released before E3...