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Recent content by Dapplegonger

  1. Dapplegonger

    4BR Smash for Wii U Tier List V3

    How is Bayonetta ranked above Diddy Kong when she has a group score of 7.94 while Diddy has a group score of 7.95?
  2. Dapplegonger

    Jigglypuff Up smash combo i may have found

    Yeah, it is a crappy hitbox, but landing it is pretty rewarding if you can somehow catch them with it.
  3. Dapplegonger

    Jigglypuff Up smash combo i may have found

    They don't really di, but I do think up smash is actually a decent setup against characters without such ridiculously fast aerials as Luigi. I've often been able to get up tilt to up smash or even up smash to up smash. It might not lead into anything big, but you can certainly get good percent...
  4. Dapplegonger

    Puff's Future Without Patches!!!

    That's a good point, did he ever claim to have actually shown it off?
  5. Dapplegonger

    Where would you place Jigglypuff on a tier list

    Even though she can't do much to shield, her aerials are still pretty safe on shield. So even if the opponent decides to just sit in shield all the time, Puff can still weave in and out trying to poke, and the opponent can't punish her OoS. EDIT: Also, do you actually main/secondary Puff? It...
  6. Dapplegonger

    Where would you place Jigglypuff on a tier list

    Until I see more players performing well with Puff, I'd say she's low/bottom tier. I personally believe that she has the tools to be mid tier at least, but nobody's really been able to show that yet unfortunately. If Hbox starts being more active in Smash 4 with Puff, or if some new player steps...
  7. Dapplegonger

    Jigglypuff might not be as light as you think!! Highest % you've died at while playing Jigglypuff?

    According to my stats, it was 229. That is second only to my peak damage with Villager, at 241.
  8. Dapplegonger

    Implementing a Ranking System

    I think there needs to be a way to add in rating decay as well as import from Challonge (that's one of the main appeals of SkillKeeper), but other than that I think it's a pretty solid site.
  9. Dapplegonger

    What is your favorite puff? (Poll)

    Not a very fair poll, considering this is in the WiiU section... I do love Melee Puff, but it is just second to WiiU.
  10. Dapplegonger

    Social Jigglypuff Social Thread (read first post!)

    Now that Pokkén has officially been announced for the WiiU (and the fact that new characters are still getting in like Pikachu Libre), what would you guys think about Puff getting in that game?
  11. Dapplegonger

    Is Jigglypuff a tournament viable character?

    He probably means buffs from Brawl.
  12. Dapplegonger

    Frame Melee And Smash Set Helper Released - Creator Interview

    For the Smash Set Helper, the WiiU version still gives the option between port priority and first stage ban; however, port priority isn't exactly a thing in Smash 4. At least, it matters a lot less than it did in Melee or Brawl. Also, is there a way you can make the set helper such that for...
  13. Dapplegonger

    Update 1.10! Changes? Predictions? Observations?

    What are some of the utilities of d-air? I use d-air -> f-air, as well as ledgehop -> d-air. I know d-air can combo into Rest as well. Are there any other good uses for it?
  14. Dapplegonger

    Is Jigglypuff a tournament viable character?

    I feel like this is probably relevant to the discussion.
  15. Dapplegonger

    Update 1.10! Changes? Predictions? Observations?

    According to the Reddit thread, Jigglypuff is confirmed unchanged.
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